It is possible to calm your mind and focus on what matter for your fitness today?

Many of us focus on what future fitness could look like so much that we build up common saying, “Paralysis of Analysis” syndrome before our mind has a chance to come up with a few best practices.  Having your mind get stressed out about what seems to be a future event can make your ability to alter the result you REALLY want out of reach.

Why can it become out of reach so quickly with your fitness results?

The actions needed to achieve your desired outcome must be taken today!  As long as the anxiety of the bad outcome in the future remains in control of you action steps today, then you are slipping backward.

fitness goal in mind

Fitness movement, such as mind muscle memory fine motor skills, must be practiced weekly for the progress to move forward.  Plan, structure, and organize your activities to engage you mind to change the future of your fitness today.

First, take a look at the upcoming seasons of the year and know that last year was a template for what you will be doing this year.  Did you spend one of the three months of summer away traveling with the family?  And what does that mean you need to prepare for this summer?

Second, work on your self talk by not letting the names you call yourself actually enter your mind.  Did you ever hear yourself speak bad about yourself when you were making successful strides in another area of your life?

Third, remember a mistake or slip up is the only telling you that you are giving something new a try and you have not yet found a smooth and accurate method.  Decide now to look back at each awkward move as the only way to learn a new language.

Not everywhere is possible to practice your body movements, but we are sure you can come up with at least 2 – 3 modes of physical activities which can be repeated weekly to reach your desired achievement level.

Start with steady pattern but put in short periods of rest and restoration or recovery in each week.

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Source:  Miles Beccia