Single leg squat movement for improved muscle endurance and equalize hip muscles

Perform this movement at your current hip and knee range of motion to build strong leg muscles.  The benefits of this movement will come after you have trained yourself to become aware of the muscle control you have over both the hip and knee joints.

This video is avaible to watch on YouTube,

If you DO NOT have effective control over your posture and muscle movement then you will never improve the muscle endurance or strength which is required to burn more calories on a daily routine.

Strong lean leg hip muscles begin with proper movement

Step 1 – While focusing on breathing steadily with the O2Flow© Method of 3 second inhale and 3 second exhale during the entire movement, begin lifting yourself up and lowering yourself down at this same controlled speed.

Step 2 – This should be a 6 seconds per repetition [3 up and 3 down] and will equal 60 seconds for 10 complete repetitions on each leg.  You can begin with 5 reps on each leg for 30 seconds total and slowly increase time after your muscles have gained endurance and strength.

Step 3– Do you feel the blood flow directed into the leg and hip muscles as you finish?  During the movement you will need to focus your mind and ask yourself, “Am I using the back of leg and the front of leg equally during the movement?”  Using both equally is how you craft your body…

Mind muscle memory protocol for single leg squat

Start in this position you see below:

miles band lunges end post photo 1

End in this position you see below:

Miles Beccia Band Single Leg Squat

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Source: Miles Beccia

Photo: Miles Beccia