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Find out what you are fully able of this YEAR from ANYWHERE!  In home workout, outside fitness, and most of ALL in your kitchen by bringing together diet and our M3 Muscle Finder Method.

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Fitness Plans Specific to Your Needs

Step 1

We help you accomplish your goal...without the fad diets, harsh supplementation, or getting injured only to repeat the same old cycle.

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Get the Confidence You Dreamed Of

Step 1

M3 will educate you on what it is that you've been doing too little or too much of and help you pinpoint what needs to be remedied, and fast track you to where you've always wanted.

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Dramatic Results While Hitting Your Goals

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Are you TIRED of dealing with muscle imbalance each time you start working out again?  Do you even know what muscle imbalance is and how it can plague your progress???

Get More Energy

Step 1

Mind Muscle Memory specializes in using ISOKINECT muscle training.  We show you how to use whole plant based meals to energize your muscles and then how to test each joint to improve proper muscle function and performance.

Feel Good Every Day

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We show you how to sufficiently train each and every muscle group starting where it counts. From your CORE of abdominal all the way out to the wrists and ankles

Better Quality of Life

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The RESULT!  A stronger, more fine tuned and healthy you...

Testimonials From Previous Clients

 Pro athletes, CEO's, grandmother to grandchild all have full the satisfaction of becoming an Equalizer.

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Sam M., Tampa, FL

"If I can transform myself and regain my life, you can too.  Just make small changes daily and stay dedicated to your goal and you'll get there.  Remember, anything worth having is something worth working for.  It's not always easy, but it is attainable."

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M3 CoreStrength group coaching, Gilbert, AZ

Using the M3 Muscle Finder Method brings your attention to the mind muscle connection which ensures you adapt and get stronger.

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