5 Tips to Ensure You’re Getting the Most from Your Workouts

get most from your workouit

Have you ever been frustrated with the results you’re seeing, or not seeing from your workouts? It’s kinda like when you were in school and you would spend hours and hours studying for a test. You felt like you paid attention in class. You were sure that you knew the material and were doing things…

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5 Steps You Can Take to Start Adding More Lean Muscle Today

5 steps to adding more lean muscle

You may know where you want to go, but do you know how you’re going to get there? When you take a road trip, you know your destination. You are familiar with where you want to end up, even if you’ve never been there before, you have a pin dropped at the place you wish…

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How to Improve Your Metabolism Through Improved Movement

active metabolism from muscle movement

How well is your metabolism working for you? Your metabolism and how efficient it runs and burns energy is important, no, is vital to your success. Many think that they only need to focus on metabolism when they are working to lose weight. They miss the importance of the roll in which it plays in…

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How to Eat for Stronger, Leaner Muscles after 50

life is long so stay strong

Are you eating to fuel your body and be stronger, or are you missing out on a key component that could drastically change your ability to develop and maintain lean muscle mass? Eating healthy isn’t just important for weight management. To develop more lean muscle, and maintain it, you need to be fueling your body…

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15 Ways Exercise and Nutrition Impact Your Mental Health

exercise and nutrition tips for mental health

Exercise and healthy nutrition are imperative for you to be at your best both mentally and physically. Decades of research has proven that when you exercise and eat a healthy, you will be able to prevent and treat many diseases. Mental health can be affected just as much by exercise and nutrition as your physical…

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How to feel your muscle stretch for improved flexibility in hamstrings

Relax your muscle to stretch for success Have you simply wondered why some are more flexible than you? Your muscles must signal the mind to how far will they stretch before injury and many times this is prior to the full range of their motion.  Think about this, to protect the joint and muscle from…

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6 Secrets To Get Unstuck and Start Getting More Success from Your Workouts

6 Secrets to How to Get Unstuck and Start Getting More Results from Your Workouts Are you stuck in the same old rut in the gym? Are you no longer seeing the results you’re looking for? Well, you aren’t alone. It’s common to go through a period of time like this, but just because it’s…

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How Much Dietary Fiber Should I Eat?

3 Reasons to Start Adding Dietary Fiber to Your Diet Today Are you looking for a way to impact your overall nutrition but just aren’t sure where to start? I suggest you start with dietary fiber to jump start your metabolism. The truth is, many individuals don’t realize how much their body needs dietary fiber…

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5 Minute Grilled Balsamic Rosemary Vegetable Lunch Salad Recipe

Quick 5 Minute Lunch Salad with Grilled Vegetables Watch this video to see entire recipe being made with fresh vegetables of zucchini, summer squash, asparagus, and red onion with some fresh rosemary for seasoning.  You learn more about the TEAM M3 Sticky Fiber Nutrition Protocol which has many benefits to your health and fitness routine. …

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Plank exercise variety to get a strong core

How to improve your plank video The full body plank is an isometric or static hold of your muscles on the inside and outside of your abdominal area.  You can perform the half plank at anytime during the static hold of your ab muscle for a break.   Watch the full video to see some…

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