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First Step Of RECIPE...

Miles Beccia 13 yrs old after car accident 48 Hour Fat Burn Eat 3 Meals A Day
Miles Beccia 48 Hour Fat Burn Eat 3 Meals A Day

Just to let you know, I did not arrive at this information last week.

I have worked with thousands of clients over the last twenty five plus years who had been spending too much of their time following misguided tips for exercises or taking vitamins that claim to melt away the unwanted fat stores on their waistline.

As you will read in more detail later in this guide, after recovering from both legs being snapped in half at age 13, I had no choice but to strengthen my legs or I was not going to run the same ever again, and make it to my dream of becoming a collegiate athlete. Well I could not find anyone to teach me how to workout and eat properly to regain a strong healthy body, so I took it upon myself to test and evaluate everything I could find about the subject.

You have seen all the same claims that I did about eating this and you will get faster or perform this workout series and it will make you have tons of energy.  I quickly became very pessimistic and started having to test every piece of evidence that I could to determine what was helping me move faster toward my goal.

I became a certified professional fitness trainer as I was getting through my Health Education Bachelor’s degree and by the time I graduated in 1996; my dream was a reality. I had become a successful football and indoor-outdoor track athlete. The steps I took to make this happen was launching me toward coaching thousands of others to achieve amazing results.

48 hour fat burn solution National Weight Control Registry 48 Hour Fat Burn Eat 3 Meals A Day

This Is Why I Determined I Must Share This Information

After discussing the ways in which most clients had been trying to get a tight midsection, I always came to the same conclusion.…they didn’t know how to turn stored fat into pure sustainable muscle energy with a positive cycle of meal planning, dietary intake, and sustainable aerobic activities.

I know that I can guide anyone willing and motivated to plant these natural laws on how to create the “dream body” in their own lives like I did and make continuous progress season by season even while others all around them struggle, become unhealthy, and remain frustrated. A DREAM BODY is your person view of how you see yourself in the next big community event, what you desire to have for a body age in 10 years, and what do you see your fitness look like in the photos on the day of your 90th birthday.

As you read along in this “proclamation”, I will take you beyond just another trick or two that may change your weight on the scale for a few months or that everybody is gossiping about momentarily.

I have created this Special 48 Hour Fat Burn Solution Guide to give you my premium information in a way that you can easily digest and immediately be in action toward your next successful step of improved physical and mental health. Let’s face it our mind and body are always in desperate need of nourishment and conditioning.

48 hour fat burn solution travel 48 Hour Fat Burn Eat 3 Meals A Day

Get your portions out and set up a travel bag to take lunch with you; thus eliminating the frustration of knowing you have the best food for you but it is not next to you to eat.

48 Hour Fat Burn Recipe

The 48 Hour Fat Burn is a RECIPE to follow that combines the following parts into a system for boosting your metabolism, naturally suppressing your appetite, and control your blood sugars from timed release digestion of meals using the proper recommended amounts of essential Dietary Fiber.

Get into Action and Eat 3 meals per day...
STEP #1 - Eat my specialized combination of soluble fiber foods to begin each meal for creating the “Beccia Ball” of soluble fiber gel to have timed release energy and suppress appetite between meals.

STEP #2 - Measure your portions enough times that you understand how much is enough for losing and then maintaining your weight loss on 48 Hour Intervals. Your portions lower to 65% of active average for women at 1430 and men at 1855 of calories for average active adult.

STEP #3 - Repeat your meals until you and everyone around you LOVES
the flavors.

Wherever you see yourself right now; this strategy can alter your stored fat levels now and more importantly, it can remove those love handles or bloated belly and bring you to an entirely new level of skin thickness or tighter tummy you’d MOST like to have.

Continue To Find Out What To Eat...

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    Feel Energy To Be You – 24/7/365

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    Use Effective Muscle Memory Patterns

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    Muscle Endurance

    Increase Ability To Maintain Muscle Control

ANY Muscle Not Used Properly Will Not Improve.  Your Desire To Improve Your Physical Activities Must Be Supported By Results!

Do It Now, Don't Wait!  Learn How To Combine Natural Whole Foods That Can Remove Inches Of Body Fat On Arm, Legs, Waist & Hips.

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3rd PHASE - Gain your freedom on your terms when you have the methods and tools to make actual improvements in your endurance, flexibility, strength, and body fat level!

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"This program, I was so impressed with! AMAZING! I loved the way I felt physically, emotionally, and mentally. It is just what your body needs to feel satisfied, a healthier person all around. Helped me be aware of how great I can feel"

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