10 Tactics to Tackle Your At Home Workout

at home fitness workouts with kettlebell

There has been so much change lately that maintaining any kind of “typical” routine is almost impossible. I understand, it’s affected me too. It’s like you woke up one day and everything you knew to be normal changed.  How can you maintain your workout routine, keep working toward success and avoid setbacks when you no…

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5 Big Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Hire A Virtual Fitness Coach

virtual fitness coaching

Shy about doing a stretch and sweat session out in public? Want to spice up your fitness routine? If you say yes, then you may want to hire a virtual fitness coach. This newer method of fitness training is all about convenience. Bring your virtual coach into the comfort of your own living room and…

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Lean Muscle or Fat: Which Number Means More to Your Health

healthy lean muscle tone

For many years you have been told that the amount of fat you carry matters more to your health than anything else. You’ve been told that you must lose fat, lose weight and be skinny. Companies have made billions of dollars over the last 40 plus years urging you to only focus on not carrying…

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7 Ways Lean Muscle Mass Affects Your Immune System

Exercise can improve you immunity and recovery

In our previous article, “Lean Muscle or Fat: Which Number Means More to Your Health”, we discussed why lean muscle mass is more crucial to focus on for your health. Let us discuss multiple areas of your health that will be improved when you focus on building lean muscle. Compare not only on how much…

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The New Way To Set Goals For Your Health

Are you open to trying something new? A new way to set goals for your health and to achieve what you have always wanted to achieve for your health and wellness. Like most, you’ve set goals or made resolutions to improve your health or wellness in one way or another this new year. It’s great!…

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Improve your triceps muscle memory pattern with exercise band

Your arm muscle strength will get better as you build a higher level of nerve connection to move them on command. At Mind Muscle Memory headquarters Miles Beccia Founder of M3 explains how using an exercise band keeps constant tension on the muscle. Learn to strengthen your triceps muscles by using a resistance band Watch…

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Save Time Food Shopping For A Plant Based Diet

Are having some trouble or simply frustrated with eating a plant based diet? Many of the challenges have to do with how you get and store your foods. In this short video Miles Beccia BS Health Education provides some tactics you can use to save time and money. With over 30 years of knowledge, Miles…

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Still Riding the Fad Diet Roller Coaster? Stop! Do THIS Instead

Weight loss, or changing our body composition, is something we all have had to battle. The journey can be long, treacherous and frustrating. It can be difficult and often will leave you confused and unsure of where to turn next. At M3 we focus on small victories to keep you on track to overcome the…

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The Mental Side of Movement

How would you describe your movement when you workout or participate in physical activity? Is it strong, stable, efficient, and effective? Or, do you feel weak, unstable, tired, and inefficient? It matters. Think about it. Think about how you move and how you would describe it? What are your strengths, and your weaknesses? The way…

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How Sticky Fiber Will Impact Your Muscle Results

You want better results. You are in the gym regularly and, as far as you know, you are doing all the right things. You know you’re burning calories and working hard in the gym, but something isn’t quite right.  Does this sound familiar? Everyone wants more results, but we aren’t just talking about any results.…

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