Simple and Healthy Thanksgiving classic sweet potato baked casserole The few simple ideas to make your holiday dinner a healthy meal from Chef Yorke.  Your senses will certainly be satisfied when this side dish of sweet potato casserole is served. Make it ahead of time to test it out and then prepare for you guests to come over and ask for the…

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Abs exercises for a strong firm tummy

How to get abs and core stronger Lower abdominal leg lifts to strengthen the core, and tone your tummy.  Muscles in your midsection need to get flexing to make your belly flat and strong.  Try this routine and let us know which exercises you like the best! Miles Beccia provides a short routine for you…

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Strong bones from soluble corn fiber nutrition helps calcium

corn fiber helps calcium

Soluble Gel Fiber Nutrition of Corn For Calcium and Strong Bones Video tutorial of Miles Beccia let you know corn fiber helps calcium in new nutrition calcium research showing a regular diet of corn, which has soluble gel fiber, provides added benefits to healthy bones.  Dietary fiber is needed for a healthy and fit digestive system…

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3 Focus Tips Quiet Your Anxiety Of Fitness

fitness goal in mind

It is possible to calm your mind and focus on what matter for your fitness today? Many of us focus on what future fitness could look like so much that we build up common saying, “Paralysis of Analysis” syndrome before our mind has a chance to come up with a few best practices.  Having your…

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3 Steps For Strong Lean Leg and Hip Muscles by Mind Muscle Memory System

miles band lunges end post photo 1

Single leg squat movement for improved muscle endurance Perform this movement at your current hip and knee range of motion.  The benefits of this movement will come after you have trained yourself to become aware of the muscle control you have over both the hip and knee joints.  If you DO NOT have effective control…

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4 quick moves to gain hip balance and strength

Miles Beccia demo’s how to improve hip strength and control your arch support! How do you keep yourself standing up tall and strong each day? Using the technique shown in this video you can rapidly improve the fine motor skills within your most important joint and supporting muscles, your hips.  This simple exercise band movement…

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3 Critical Steps to Improve Your Body

miles beccia mind muscle memory

By Miles Beccia Biofeedback training of mind muscle memory develops improved brain function! Your muscle contracts or flexes when it is signaled from your brain and then adjusts the amount of flex required as your brain receives some feedback as to how much effort is needed.  For most everyone this feels like a automatic reaction…

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Build a strong mind body connection

miles beccia power lifting

How to build your muscle quickly when using mind muscle memory biofeedback training! Your mind muscle memory is ultimately responsible for if you have changes in your body or not. The physical activity that you do like this may take awhile to learn but then you’ll be able to repeat more and more effectively. If…

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