For years companies have made millions of dollars, if not billions, by creating concern over body weight. That number has created more stress and anxiety for individuals than necessary.

What does your body weight tell you about your health, fitness, and longevity?

To be healthy, many think they need to weigh a specific number. They believe, no matter their body type, that there is a specific number they should maintain to be healthy.

body weight

Focusing so much on how much you weigh has been known to lead to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and other health.

Ask yourself, why are you focusing on losing weight?

Is it so you can be healthier, move better, because you want to fit into your old jeans, or is it because you have always thought that once you weighed a certain number you would feel better about yourself and your overall health?

Instead of focusing on what the scale says, here are 8 things you could focus on and track instead that are more likely to help you reach your goal.
  1. Dietary fiber intakeRead more…
  1. Protein intake
  1. How often you move/exercise – track your steps, how often you go to the gym or exercise, or calorie burn
  1. Water intake
  1. Your sugar intake
  1. Calorie burn during exercise
  1. Improving your rep count during strength workouts
  1. Improved recovery – track your sleep hours, days of soreness, or your ability to perform in activities back to back.

Start by creating a baseline for five of these areas, or areas such as these, that are trackable on a daily or weekly basis. Then, weekly check in and document improvements. Focusing on these areas will lead to lasting results and true health.

Set up one milestone to get started and begin now to accomplish it within the next few weeks. Then move to the next target goal to continue improving your routine day by day and month by month.

Do you need help identifying areas you can track so you are making progress in the right areas?

It’s time to stop allowing your weight to dictate your life. Take control and focus on the actions and milestones that will provide lasting results.