Is it really possible to lose weight by just walking on a treadmill? Do you really work hard enough to burn belly fat and get more muscle tone?

Many believe that to see results from being on a treadmill they have to run miles upon miles. To improve their health and burn fat they have to get as many miles in as possible. 

Utilizing an incline on the treadmill is an efficient way to improve your calorie burn to lose weight while reducing impact and saving your joints.

There are many professionals in the industry that will try to get you to believe that the time you spend on a treadmill is a waste. They’ll tell you you can’t get your heart pumping enough to really get the results you’re looking for. To be honest, they’re right. 

You’re wasting your time, but that’s only if you’re walking at a slow pace with no incline just like you have for the last 10 years then they are right. However, you don’t have to be running, or even jogging, to reap the rewards you’re hoping for. 

What many don’t understand is that you don’t have to be running to get results working out on a treadmill, but you do need to be working hard. How can you work hard if you aren’t going to run? The answer is in the incline. 

You don’t have to be a runner to get results from your time on the treadmill.

Maybe you only run when you have to, like when you’re being chased by someone or something.

If you are looking to lose weight, burn fat and get more out of your cardio sessions I have good news for you – running isn’t necessary. And, if I’m completely honest, the treadmill isn’t where you should be running anyway. 

Start getting better results by using more incline.

Many miss out on how beneficial utilizing the incline on a treadmill can be. Utilizing the incline function can benefit your workouts in multiple ways. An example of this is by utilizing the incline for your high intervals if you’re interval training. Or, you can walk at a steady pace, but you will get more out of walking at a 3.5 mph pace with the incline set at a 4 than you will if there’s no incline at all. 

The benefits of using the incline function on your treadmill are greater than most realize. Walking on a treadmill using the incline function can help you lose weight by:

  • Adding Strength to the legs
  • Increasing Calorie Burn


  • Improving Cardiovascular Health 

The key to losing weight is turning your body into a machine that burns calories efficiently. Increasing our lean muscle mass and using our large muscle groups to pump blood and increase our oxygen consumption will lead us to improve the efficiency of this calorie-burning machine. When we do this, we are capable of losing weight and controlling our weight much easier. 

Also, the impact our joints take on a daily basis can affect our ability to move freely and efficiently. Running on a treadmill doesn’t make this any better, it actually makes it much worse. When you increase the incline you’re using on a treadmill, you’re increasing the resistance to continue progress while minimizing the force of impact on your joints. 

To learn more about how you can utilize an incline in your treadmill workouts to burn more calories and lose more weight, contact us today and one of our coaches will connect with you soon. At M3 we believe in working hard and working smart. Work hard and smart by losing the impact and gaining the incline to drop some weight.