Be honest with yourself. When is the last time you dieted and did all the “right things” to lose weight and improve fitness results just to gain it all back? How many times has this happened?

How long have you been riding the weight-loss roller-coaster?

fitness results

You fight, and battle, and you lose 20 pounds and six months later you’ve gained back 30. Then you jump back in the ring and start dieting again and doing hours of cardio to lose that 30 pounds and when you get there you stop. You finally can live your life again. Next thing you know, you’ve gained back those pounds plus another 10, 20, or even 40 pounds.

Why does this happen?

It can be frustrating. It can be overwhelming and even defeating.

You hate the process. That’s why you stop as soon as you’ve reached your goal. It’s a roller-coaster.

We developed 9 key steps to help you reach your goals, maintain those results, and even push further than you’ve ever thought you could before! At Mind Muscle Memory, M3, we implement these 9 keys to ensure success no matter what your health and fitness goals, may be, no matter where you’re starting. When you implement these steps, on a regular basis, you are guaranteed results. Results will be satisfying and in a way that will be easy to maintain.

You’re not dieting. You’re not spending hours upon hours in the gym. You’re building a new life.

9 Key Components to Success and Lasting Results with M3

These 9 Key Components should be implemented regularly. What does regularly mean at M3? We talk to our clients about working on a 48-hour cycle. You should hit each key step within each 48-hour cycle. This will ensure you are eating what you need, getting the exercise you need, and recovering well. Let’s take a deeper look into these 9 Key Components.

1.  Fiber Intake – At M3 we believe that your fiber intake is the foundation of your results. We implement 3 Phases of Fiber Intake which will help you add more fiber into your diet and set you on your way.

2.  Calorie Control – Many focus so much on calorie control that they actually harm their ability to obtain and maintain results. Our focus at M3 is to focus on your ability to control your blood sugar. Once you can do this effectively, with the proper caloric intake, you will be on your way to lasting success.

3.  Protein Intake – Protein intake can be mystifying to many. Are you getting enough protein, or maybe too much? The key is that you are getting the proper amount of protein to charge your batteries, and your muscles, so you can properly work through your workouts and recover well. At M3 we will work with you to ensure you are getting the proper protein you need, from food you love, so you can be at your best every day.

4.  Strength Training – Strength training is vital to building lean muscle mass. Lean muscle is where your metabolism thrives! If you are avoiding lifting weights in the attempt to stay “lean” and not “bulk up”, you’re missing out on a critical key component that could completely change your weight-loss journey.

5.  Pump Your Heart – What do we mean by, “Pump Your Heart”? Cardio. You should be doing cardio regularly to work your heart, to improve your heart’s strength and ability to recover. There is a direct correlation between your metabolism and the efficiency of your heart. To maintain results, you’ve got to ensure you’re adding cardio to your regular routine.

6.  Stretch Your Muscles – For many, this is the most difficult part of their overall fitness routine. Your muscles must be stretched regularly to fully repair and move properly and allow your joints to move through a complete range of motion. Stretching can be done in many different ways. Find one you enjoy and implement it today.

7.  Boost Your Metabolism – How can you boost your metabolism? Interval training. The best way to boost your metabolism and heart efficiency is by adding high-intensity interval training to your routine. Doing this regularly will take your results to the next level fast!

8.  Have Fun! – That’s right! You need to have fun! What do you enjoy doing for exercise? Are you a swimmer? Or maybe you want to play recreation tennis or basketball. The key is that you are having fun and doing something you enjoy on a regular basis. Fitness shouldn’t be a drag; it should be a part of your life you love!

9.  Recover – It may seem like a no-brainer, but recovery is vital for you to see results, especially that last. If you don’t sleep well, don’t get enough sleep, or are always fatigued, then you need to focus on making changes in this area. If your body isn’t able to fully recover you could be missing out on results that simply could be the reward of a good night’s sleep.

When you go through these 9 Key Components, you will start to see a change in your results, your ability to get through your workouts, and your enjoyment of the whole process. You will notice that you start with weaker muscles and a metabolism that is barely hanging on.

What you get as you work your way through this process on a regular basis are strong muscles and a metabolism that is efficient and high-powered.

Efficiency is key. Enjoyment is what keeps you going.

Stop fighting the battle and riding the weight-loss roller-coaster that leaves you feeling defeated, frustrated, and like you want to give up. Take control today of your weight-loss journey. Our Mind Muscle Memory Coaches are here to help you with any of these key components for more information and to let us know how we can help you!