Here’s Your Simple Guide to Optimize Your Fitness Results!

Let’s face it, there are so many options that revolve around fitness, how can anyone know what is right? It’s confusing and complicated, and so many people give up.

Have you given up?

fitness made easy

I understand. Before I really understood the truth about what really works to optimize fitness, I was confused too. It’s worse today than it’s ever been before too. 

There are so many options when it comes to fitness and eating healthy that many just give up. 

There are so many options for which diet to use. Should you be using Atkins, Keto, or Weight Watchers? This is just to name a few too!

 What about your workouts? Should you join a Cross-Fit gym, Spin class, or water aerobics? Is weight lifting okay for older adults or women? 

The list of questions goes on and on. You shouldn’t have to sort through it all by yourself. That’s why we keep things simple and straightforward!

The answer to optimize your fitness results is simplicity!

You don’t have to do anything drastic. Many fad diets will tell you to eliminate carbs or protein. Others will tell you you can’t eat anything, but you need to drink all your calories from juicing fruits and vegetables. The answer is balance and keeping it simple. 

At M3 we tell our clients to eat plant based foods, reduce the amount of processed foods, and to eat what they love in moderation. Those three keys will help you find the success you’re looking for. 

Your body needs you to keep things simple and balanced with activity as well. You can’t train at a high-intensity every day, but if you never use weight and strain your muscles you won’t see growth. Walk, do yoga, lift weights, and do something active you love. 

Just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy. 

No matter what, you still have to put in the effort. You have to make the choice every day to do what your body needs. You need to be active and eat a plant based diet that helps you re-energize and grow muscle. 
Are you ready to make a change that will help you reach your fitness goals? Join our online Challenge today! You’ll learn how to keep things simple and reach your fitness goals!