The Top 3 Reasons Carbohydrates are Essential to Your Success in the Gym

So much has been said about carbohydrates over the years. The media, fad diet creators and possibly even your friends want you to believe that carbs are the enemy. They’re the reason you aren’t successfully reaching your goals.  The truth is, they’re right.  Carbohydrates could be linked to why you aren’t reaching your goals and…

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3 Critical Steps to Improve Your Body

miles beccia mind muscle memory

By Miles Beccia Biofeedback training of mind muscle memory develops improved brain function! Your muscle contracts or flexes when it is signaled from your brain and then adjusts the amount of flex required as your brain receives some feedback as to how much effort is needed.  For most everyone this feels like a automatic reaction…

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Build a strong mind body connection

miles beccia power lifting

How to build your muscle quickly when using mind muscle memory biofeedback training! Your mind muscle memory is ultimately responsible for if you have changes in your body or not. The physical activity that you do like this may take awhile to learn but then you’ll be able to repeat more and more effectively. If…

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