Do you feel like you are trying to constantly re-create the wheel? That you’re constantly starting over trying to find more success in the gym?

Do you start one thing and within weeks and quit just to start another? Do you feel like you are constantly trying to change your habits but never find any of the new ones sticking?

Have you ever really looked at what you are already doing that may be working already?


If not, start your M3 Victory Habit Inventory!

It’s hard to know what really needs to be changed if you don’t know what’s already working.

Once you know what’s already working and what habits and routines are helping you reach your goals, you know what to keep and what needs to be changed. Understanding what habits are working is the foundation of understanding which routines you should keep reaching more victories. Just because you change or add new habits doesn’t mean you will find the success you are seeking. It’s adding or changing the RIGHT routines that make the biggest impact.

This is where the idea of rinse and repeat comes from. Find what’s working and do more of the things that are making you successful! Going through this process before you make changes will allow you to make fewer changes and only focus on changing the necessary areas that are really keeping you from reaching your ultimate victory.

It’s not about changing everything, it’s about focusing on what you’re doing right and doing more of it.

Some, and this may be you, become so focused on making changes that they lose sight of what’s working and actually helping them be successful. If you end up making too many changes, you could be sabotaging success by eliminating habits that are actually helping you reach your ultimate victory.

Rinse and repeat the good habits. Do them every day or as often as necessary for your specific goal. This will be your fastest path towards more success!

Rinsing and repeating habits that are helping your progress is your fastest path toward success.

Let’s look at an example of this. If you need to lose weight, let’s say about 30 pounds, and you just start making changes in every area involved,  you will drive yourself crazy trying to hone in on what’s working and what’s not.

However, if you start by taking your M3 Victory Habit Inventory you can first assess what areas you may need help in, what areas you need to change, and what habits you need to keep; then you can focus on the areas of change necessary and just rinse and repeat in the areas that are working. You will become more focused.

By going through this process you may find out that your workouts are actually productive and don’t need to be altered. Your nutrition, however, is poor and needs the most attention. By assessing your habits, you focus on your nutrition and the changes that need to be made in that area while using the rinse and repeat technique for your workouts versus trying to change everything.

Going through the process of understanding which habits need to be changed and knowing which ones need to be repeated will help you be less overwhelmed and assist you in finding more success in reaching your ultimate victory.

If you would like help understanding your habits, the changes that need to be made, and which ones you need to rinse and repeat,  we are here to help. Our M3 programs are just a click away and are ready to guide you along your journey towards your next victory!