For many years you have been told that the amount of fat you carry matters more to your health than anything else. You’ve been told that you must lose fat, lose weight and be skinny. What about lean muscle that is healthy and burns energy in high amounts?

Companies have made billions of dollars over the last 40-plus years urging you to only focus on not carrying too much fat. The biggest goal has been focused on fat does not look good and is not good for you.

What if this wasn’t true? 

healthy lean muscle tone

Is it possible that they have lied to me all along or been misinformed? That you have been duped into believing that your weight and fat composition are the only things that matter? In reality, the most important part has been left out and ignored all alarms.

The Truth: Lean muscle mass is a better indicator of your overall health.

Over the last 40 years, the focus has been to decrease fat. Fat is bad and you should do everything you can to avoid being “fat” or overweight. This extreme focus has led to:

  • The Fad Diet Industry Boom
  • Eating Disorders
  • “Fat Free”, Chemical Processed Foods
  • Decreased Immunity
  • “Skinny Fat” Individuals With A False Sense of Health

And much more.

The problem with each of the items listed above is that they all lead you to believe that you are healthier than you really are. The focus of each of these is staying a certain weight and maintaining a low body fat percentage. This focus leads to more health problems and more diseases. 

Isn’t that what you’re trying to fight against? Don’t you want to be healthier, disease-free, and live a longer life?

Your New Goal Is To Improve Lean Muscle Mass

It’s time to change the focus. You have to start considering your lean muscle mass and working to increase the amount represented in your body composition. Focusing on the amount of lean muscle mass you do, or don’t, have will give you a much better picture of your overall health. 

When you change your focus to your lean muscle mass, you will see multiple health improvements such as:

  • Improves Immune system function
  • Improved Heart Function
  • Improved Response to Critical Illness
  • Decreased Occurrence of Chronic Disease
  • Decreased Risk of Obesity
  • Diabetes Response Improvements
  • Prevents and Fights Against Osteoporosis 

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Adding lean muscle mass will also increase your calorie burn on your non-workout days. Increasing your resting metabolism will ensure you’re burning more and reaching your goals. The more efficient your metabolism becomes during your workouts, the more efficient it will be the rest of the time as well.

Life Is Long, So Stay Strong

Your lean muscle mass composition should be your focus when improving your health. Stop looking at the scale and only relying on how much fat you may or may not have present. This is a shift that will impact your life longer and more positively!

It’s time to make your move! Our M3 Team Coaches are ready to help! They can help provide the guidance you need to help you reach your goals and find success in adding more lean muscle mass in a safe, effective manner. Contact us now to talk to someone today!