Do you feel at times like you’re a hamster running on a wheel?

Going around and around with little to no progress towards reaching your goals, but you feel like you’re putting in all the effort you can.

Success with fitness goal
Success with fitness goal

A new year is here, but you can’t help but start to feel the frustration that comes along with it. It’s a new year, it’s supposed to be a fresh start, but the goals are the same. The race hasn’t changed.

Part of you knows what’s coming. You know what to expect from this routine. You’ll set new goals, or “Resolutions”, and you’ll be excited and ready to go!

You start knowing that you aren’t prepared properly for success goal, so you prepare yourself for another failure.

You get started and feel like this will be the year, but already you are preparing yourself for the moment when things start to breakdown. You’re already preparing for the failure. You are already mentally preparing yourself for the moment when things begin to fall apart so quitting is that much easier.

Why? Why do you expect to fail?

Is it because you aren’t confident in your actions? Maybe you want to reach your goal, but you know you aren’t any better equipped than you have been previously.

You always have the best of intentions, but don’t have the right pieces in place to find success.

This year can, and will, be different. This year you have the potential to find more success than ever before! You can find success, and at MindMuscleMemory (M3) your success is our priority!

At M3, we help our clients learn how to develop a stronger body, stronger mind, and healthier eating habits which lead to more success. We strive to not only help our clients achieve the results they want, but results that will last.

12 Ways to Ensure Fitness Success Goals this Year!

1. Educate Yourself. Feeding the mind is just as important as feeding the body. Find resources to help you become better equipped mentally for your future success at Mind Muscle Memory FitDiet Protocol.

2. Test, Evaluate, and Create a Baseline. Knowing where you are starting and what your baseline is will lend for more success in the future. To find your greatest potential, and find success, you must know where you’re starting and where your weaknesses lie.

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3. Eat Your Fiber (25 – 35 g/day). Eating the proper amount of fiber daily has been shown to provide multiple health benefits. Click here to learn more about how fiber can help you reach your goals this new year.

4. Eat Your Protein (85 – 105 g/day). Ensuring that you are eating a proper amount of protein to meet your needs is imperative for success. Learn more about how protein can affect your ability to reach your fitness goals here.

5. Hydrate Properly. Proper hydration is key to health on multiple levels. You know you should drink about 8 – 10 glasses of water a day, but do you know why? Proper hydration has multiple health benefits including better digestion, decreased headaches, improved cellular function and more!

6. Calorie Control, Not Restriction. At M3, we don’t believe that starving yourself is the key to success. Properly fueling your body and ensuring you have the energy you need is important.

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7. Pump Your Heart. Engaging in regular cardiovascular workouts will help you reach your goals and find success this coming year. You don’t have to be a runner to be effective either. Did you know that you can walk on a treadmill [link treadmill article] and still see multiple results over time?

8. Stretch Regularly. Properly stretching and elongating your muscles on a regular basis is important to maximize results. It’s important to stretch to ensure you’re able to work your muscles through a complete range of motion each workout.

9. Strengthen Your Muscles. Regularly working to strengthen your muscles and build lean muscle mass is a key component to weight loss. Including regular strength training to your regimen will push you towards success this new year!

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10. Have Fun! That’s right! You need to make your goal fun! Do something you enjoy that is physically active on a regular basis. You are more likely to get the results you’re looking for if you enjoy what you’re doing!

11. Be Realistic. Setting realistic goals and being realistic about what actions you can take day in and day out will help you find more success and enjoyment in your goals. When you set goals that are unrealistic and set expectations for yourself that you know you can’t meet you’re only setting yourself up for failure.

12. Rest and Recover. Proper rest and recovery will allow you to be ready for what’s to come! And what’s to come for you? Great success!

When you add these things to your toolkit and implement them regularly, you will find more success! Contact us today to get started with one of our fitness coaches and to learn more about how M3 can help make this year your best one yet!