Calories have been given an evil stigma over the last 20 years or more through the media and different sources that condemn them as if they are the single most dangerous thing on the planet.

4 Steps to see calories for health, weight loss, and fitness.

Unlock success with knowing what calories are
the truth is, when you understand what a calorie truly is and how they are used, you realize that they are not the evil villain in this story. they in fact can be the key to unlock success.

The word food or even a single macro-nutrient such as fat, carbohydrates or even protein can bring fear to many because they know nothing more than, “If I eat too many calories, then I will gain weight”. There’s no need to be scared of these words.

Many fear what they don’t understand. The truth is, when you understand what a calorie truly is and how they are used, you realize that they are not the evil villain in this story. They in fact can be the key to unlock success.

Calories: Friend, Not Foe

The simple truth is, calories are where we get our energy for daily and fitness activities. When restricted, our body can’t properly work or function when we don’t give it the proper energy. Just as your car can’t run without the proper type of gas. If you run out of gas, or even too low, it will affect the way your car operates. The same is true with our bodies and calories.

Food is fuel.

When we are able to change our view on food, and calories, we quickly realize that food is our friend, not our enemy. Viewing our food as fuel, not as something to avoid, is a key step to becoming more successful and efficient.

Why Must We Change Our Way of Thinking About Calories?

We must change the way we view food and calories to improve the relationship we have with food. Many have a very distorted relationship with food which leads to unhealthy beliefs that can contribute to weight loss or weight gain later in life. You will find that when you have a better relationship with food, you make better choices of what you are willing to put into your body.

When you view food as your enemy, there is an associated increased presence of negative self-talk in regards to the choices you make and the foods you eat. There will be a higher instance of poor food choices because most of us “want what we can’t have”.

Due to this correlation, when we think of food as something that is bad for us, we tend to restrict our calorie intake which can lead to a number of different health problems. The restriction of calories can be just as detrimental to our success as taking in too many calories. Either way, you aren’t working with your body. You’re working against it.

4 Steps for Fitness Success

Start changing your view on Calories today by taking these steps:

  1. Implement a Food Journal
  2. Find Caloric Output
  3. Make Adjustments
  4. Chart Intake and Output of Calories

Start a New Relationship with Food as Fuel Today

No matter what your view is on food, calories or dieting you have to take action to make changes. Start today by taking your first action to having a better relationship with food and calories. Understanding that food is fuel and should be used to energize is a big shift for some to make. The key is to start today.

Don’t continue your fight against an unnecessary enemy. Get started today! We are here to help you and guide you through this journey. Always feel free to contact us at for more information.