What you eat can affect your mental health in multiple ways. Your diet and the food you eat can directly impact the way you feel physically and mentally.

Eating a well-rounded diet of plant-based whole foods that includes the necessary macro and micro-nutrients is essential for maintaining a healthy mind.

Hear the benefits of eating a diet of plant based foods for each meal

The M3 Sticky Fiber protocol introduces our clients to get the recommended amounts of dietary fiber for better fitness. Listen to Greg Rando, Miles Beccia, and Bobby Stein to evaluate and identify areas that can be holding you back to focus on Muscle Finder Method. Don’t miss another episode of Fit Diet Podcast, subscribe today.

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Where your feel-good chemicals are produced during digestion Stress can disrupt your digestive pattern and what can help What building plant-based meals can do for a healthy digestion system learn more here at M3