Healthy eating has not always been an easy thing to accomplish. There are often roadblocks and obstacles that keep us from making healthy meals at home for ourselves and our families. 

Eating healthy has never been easier

I remember 10 years ago or so when my son was young how difficult it was to budget and find healthy foods for us to eat. He was a baby and started to eat solid food, and I was determined to give him the best. It was difficult, however, and there were weeks where it just wasn’t possible.

10 years ago healthy eating was a challenge to navigate daily as a family, but today it is much easier and more accessible!

Today, healthy eating is easily attainable for families on a daily basis. There are multiple factors that have made it much more obtainable for the average family in the United States.

Years ago you could claim that healthy eating was expensive, not accessible for everyone, and took hours of prep work that most families didn’t have to spare. 

Thankfully this is no longer the case anymore!

Healthy eating has never been so easy!

10 Ways Eating Healthy Has Become Easier

1. More fresh, and frozen, options to choose from. 

Today, you can access both fresh and frozen fruits and veggies from any grocery store. Even places like Target and Walmart offer produce sections and a variety of frozen options. Having more options available makes building healthy meals more affordable and more convenient. 

2. Ready prepared meals. 

Did you know that you can go to most grocery stores and pick up meals that are already prepared? You can get an entire meal at Costco that is already made and just needs to be heated in the oven. This solution alone has completely eliminated one major roadblock to eating healthy – prep time. 

3. There are better options available when eating out.

Many restaurants acknowledge that many are trying to eat healthier in today’s world. Thus, they are offering healthier options on their menus as well as smaller portions.

4. More selection in local grocery stores. 

I remember when you had to go to a specialty store with healthy or organic options. Today, more local grocery stores are carrying organic options as well as other healthy foods to make eating healthier more convenient.

5. Online order your groceries.

I remember when there was no option to get your groceries other than going into the store, schlepping through the aisles and standing in line. Though this isn’t typically a big deal, I didn’t always have time for it, so, like many Americans, we would eat out to get a quick meal between work and the kids’ practices. 

Today, you can order your groceries online and have them brought out to your car or delivered directly to your door. It’s made shopping more convenient and fresh food that much more accessible.

6. Meal kit online ordering and delivery options

With options such as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, meals can be delivered right to your door. These meal delivery companies, and others, deliver a box with the groceries, spices, and recipes you need to make a healthy meal for you and your family. This is one of the many services that has made eating healthy easier. 

7. There are better tools and instruments

Technology has improved so much over the last few years that the tools available to cook healthy meals has become more readily available. Tools, such as Air Fryers, make it possible to eat healthy foods and prepare them in a way that makes them taste delicious!

8. More mainstream options to fit healthy lifestyle

Years ago, you had to shop at specific stores and you couldn’t eat out if you wanted to eat healthily. This is no longer true. Today, you can find healthy foods at almost any grocery store, healthy recipes online, and can find healthy options at a number of different restaurants. 

9. Storage ware improvements so you can be more efficient with your time

It may not seem like a big deal, but the improvements in storage ware have allowed us to be more efficient with our time. With improved storage, you can prepare meals, freeze leftovers, and get the most out of the meals you make for you and your family. 

10. More information and educational material are just a click away

There is more and more information online for your use to learn how to eat healthy. You can also find thousands of recipes online as well as other ideas for how to eat healthy no matter how busy you may be.

As you can see, today there are fewer excuses. 

Eating healthy is easier than ever before! 

Eating healthy has become easier, but you may need more accountability and guidance. Sign-up today for your FREE session with one of our M3 Team Coaches and learn more about how we can help guide you to success in eating healthy this year!