You want better results. You are in the gym regularly and, as far as you know, you are doing all the right things. You know you’re burning calories and working hard in the gym, but something isn’t quite right. 

Does this sound familiar? We want you to know that dietary fiber is essential for normal healthy digestion. The term we use is called Sticky Fiber or soluble fiber for the half of the dietary fiber which forms a gel when eaten.

Everyone wants more results, but we aren’t just talking about any results. We’re talking about your ability to build lean muscle and strength. What’s missing that is keeping you from building more lean muscle and becoming stronger for a long healthy life?


Sticky fiber is the key to better, longer lasting muscle results!

Adding sticky (soluble) fiber to your diet will improve your muscle related results by improving: 

  • Muscle tone – increasing the lean muscle present.
  • Muscle shape – improving the shape and fullness of your muscles.
  • Muscle reliability – providing regular nutrients to your muscle that will ensure they are ready for you to use on demand. 


  • Muscle endurance – increasing your strength and the ability of your muscles to perform at a higher level for longer.

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Sticky (soluble) fiber will also help you gain better results by:

  • Decreasing hunger pains
  • Improving your digestion
  • Increasing your energy levels

And so much more!

We all get frustrated when striving toward new goals and victories. I get frustrated too at times. When on any fitness or health journey, we all reach a point where it gets hard- real hard. Some refer to this as the valley of despair on the way to reaching a big goal.

This is why, at M3, we focus on reaching small victories. The M3 Sticky Fiber Diet helps you focus on the small things that will help you build habits to get you through this time and keep you on track to continue reaching small victories. 

Implementing more fiber in your diet and routine will not only change your muscle results, but all of your results! 

Are you ready to improve your muscle results? Click here for more information about the M3 Sticky Fiber Diet and to learn how you can get a FREE book today! The time to start is now!