How would you describe your muscle movement when you workout or participate in physical activity? Can you pinpoint the mind-muscle connection properly?

Is it strong, stable, efficient, and effective? Or, do you feel weak, unstable, tired, and inefficient?

It matters. Think about it. Think about how you move called mind-muscle connection and how you would describe it? What are your strengths, and your weaknesses?

The way you move matters.

Engaging your mind as you move when you exercise and participate in physical activity will improve your movement over time.

mind-muscle connection

When you build a strong connection between your mind and your muscle, you will:

  • Improve Movement Patterns
  • Improve Muscle Fiber Recruitment
  • Improve Your Neuro muscular Connection
  • Improve Muscle Memory and Your Ability to Repeat Movements Correctly Again and Again

If you’re honest, is your mind on other things while you are in the gym? Are you thinking about dinner, work, your plans with family or friends, stressful events that may have occurred that day, or are you focused on what’s in front of you? Are you focused on your movement?

Watch the how-to video here,

Your mind may be working, but when you’re in the gym or participating in physical activity your mind should be focused on your movement. Think about it as if you were a child learning multiplication. If you are thinking about other things, are you going to be able to learn and memorize the math facts correctly? Probably not.

You have to focus when you learn math. You have to focus on the task in front of you so you can be sure to learn to do it correctly. The same is true for your workouts. If your mind isn’t engaged, you won’t be teaching your body how to do what you want it to correctly.

Mind + Muscle = Memory.

Engaging your mind and recruiting the right muscles as you move will surely improve your muscle patterns and muscle memory. Over time this is what will make you more efficient in all your movement.

The efficient and improved movement will impact your ability to build strength, reduce injury, move more freely, burn more calories and so much more.

You may find that when you move right now you feel pain in your joints. This will improve as well as you learn to move more effectively. You aren’t alone in this.

You’re probably using more connective tissue to move than you realize, which is not only hindering your movement, but it is also hindering your ability to build lean muscle.

“When you move, you should be using your muscle, not your connective tissue.” – Greg Rando                    M3 ProTeam Coach     

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