So much has been said about carbohydrates over the years. The media, fad diet creators, and possibly even your friends want you to believe that carbs are the enemy. They’re the reason you aren’t successfully reaching your goals. 

The truth is, they’re right. 

Carbohydrates could be linked to why you aren’t reaching your goals and finding the success you are looking for in the gym, but not in the way you would think.

Avoiding carbohydrates and restricting them from your diet will be a detriment to your overall success in the gym.

Many don’t understand the role that carbohydrates play in our ability to produce and use energy. They don’t realize the benefits available from eating the right amount of carbs from the right sources. 


Carbohydrates aren’t what’s making you overweight or keeping you from toning up. it’s the type of carbs, the number of carbs, and the lack of balance between your calorie intake and your activity levels. 

Most only see carbohydrates as one the one thing that is making them overweight. 

3 Ways Carbohydrates are the Foundation to Your Success in the Gym!

  • Carbohydrates improve your concentration because they are the best source of energy for your brain. Improved concentration will make for better workouts, allowing you to be more productive in the gym, and will point you towards improved results.
  • Eating carbohydrates that are high in fiber will improve your nutrient absorption and will ensure your body is getting more of the nutrients it needs. Better nutrient absorption will improve your metabolism, your ability to build muscle and your ability to flush toxins from your body, which can improve recovery. Each of these will lead you to better results over time. 
  • Carbohydrates are what impact your blood glucose, or your blood sugar, the most. When you eat carbs that are high in fiber, you will be able to control your sugar energy levels better which will also impact your ability to have better, more frequent workouts which will lead to improved results.
Eating carbohydrates and a well rounded diet may make the journey longer, but it will also ensure you’re reaching your goals in the healthiest ways and getting  results that will last longer.
Types of Carbs that should be eaten dailyTypes of Carbs that should be avoided or highly moderated
VegetablesWhite Bread and other Processed carbs
FruitsFrench Fries, potato chips, etc. 
GrainsSugary Snacks 
Beans / LegumesFruit Juices
Nuts and SeedsSodas and Energy Drinks

Carbohydrates aren’t the leading cause of obesity. They aren’t the leading cause of death, diabetes, or inactivity. Carbohydrates have a purpose. Your body needs them to function properly and if you are looking for better results, this is a great place to start. 

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Carbohydrates: quality matters