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Discover how to look and perform at your best, even if you have a busy schedule

M3 shows you how to plan your meals, work to balance your strength, and gain a higher performance level.

breakthrough your current set point

The M3 ISOKinect Strength System photo FitDiet Challenge

Takes the guesswork out of getting lean and strong.

Unlocking immediate fat burning capability of your muscle metabolism.

Guide you to set the right goals, chart your path, and support you along the journey.

Stop being stuck after a setback, you need a reset (or a jump start) to climb this next climb.

recorded and live video training

Help is here with video, downloads, reports, and much more.

Here's What yOu Get With Your fitdiet challenge

Complete Guide To Eat and Workout With Purpose & Vision

what to eat

Prepare to make a shift in your thinking and begin eating food that fuels your mind and muscles.

Complete Stretches

Open your muscles up to allow for more complete proper flexing and stretching.

Pump aerobic

Learn HIIT cardio workouts and improve the supply of oxygen to all the body.

Muscle finder video

Library of exercises that can be done anywhere inside or outside.

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The diet training You need

Tested by champions and set into a simple step by step protocol for you to eat 3 meals a day.

what's Included in the challenge?

mind muscle memory isokinect kettlebell course image photos

Kettlebell Workshop

Proper skills to create strong lean muscle.

baking recipe pan woman man couple kitchen smile food cooking FitDiet Challenge

Sticky fiber diet

Get the plan the champions are using for active muscle metabolism.

gymfit girl FitDiet Challenge

exercise band workout

Be shown that techniques to find and tone every muscle.

About Your trainer

Miles Beccia bs health & trainer of champions

start your fitdiet challenge today?

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