Are you open to trying something new? A new way to set goals for your health and to achieve what you have always wanted to achieve for your health and wellness.

Health goals need a nutrition and fitness plan

Like most, you’ve set goals or made resolutions to improve your health or wellness in one way or another this new year. It’s great! You’re doing something, but is it going to work? 

Find the real reason you want to lose weight with help from M3

You may have done this before and though your intentions were good, it didn’t give you the results you were looking for. Is the way you have been doing things really working? Did you reach the goals you set out to reach before?

How are you defining success? Are you obtaining the goals that you have set and continuing to improve?

The old way of doing things was to set a smart goal for everything. Whether it was fitness, business, or any other lifestyle or habit change, you followed the same formula.

The basic idea is to set goals that are achievable and break them down into steps.

This makes a lot of sense and, to a point, it works. But there is one crucial piece missing. At what point do you determine the real reason you want to reach this particular goal? What is the motivation? 

The truth is, it’s not really about how much you weigh.

The new way, the M3 way, is to start with a clear understanding of why you want to achieve the goal you’ve set. 

Understanding and breaking down the real reason you want to reach your goals will help you get there. When you know what you really want you can clearly define the steps and milestones necessary to get you there.

Many people, especially this time of year, focus on weight loss as a goal. The action steps they determine are related to breaking up the amount of weight they want to lose each month or every set number of weeks. In reality, however, what they really want is to perform better, to be able to play with their grandkids, or avoid disease. Thus, the milestones shouldn’t be about the weight, but about action.

You have to acknowledge and name the “Why”. 

The “why” isn’t related as much to the weight as you want to believe it is. This is why your focus should be on the actual action steps required to get you where you want to go. Then, it all becomes about living a healthier lifestyle and improving the way they move.

If you take a minute to look at weight loss from this new perspective on goal setting, you will see that tracking our weight is less important than you think. There are other key components that will help you reach your goal without focusing on how much the scale says you weigh.

Having A Plan To Reach Your Wellness Goals
Having A Plan To Reach Your Wellness Goals

If you want to lose 25 pounds, for example, you need to focus on the reasons why you want to lose weight first. Some of these reasons might be:

  • To improve your performance in one way or another
  • Enjoy activities that you once did before
  • Allow you to play with your grand kids
  • To be able to move freely without pain or discomfort
  • And so much more!

When you can find the motivation behind your desire to lose weight, you will see it’s not about the numbers.

With M3 we focus on the new way of goal setting. We focus on starting with the results you seek and set milestones so you take action to achieve those results. These milestones will help you get where you want to be in a reasonable and sustainable fashion.

For more help and to learn how you can utilize this new way of accomplishing goals and achieving more begin one of our online courses today! Start today to establish milestones to help you reach more success than ever before!