Many people focus time and energy on losing weight without making progress in stages that they give up. When’s the last time you tried to lose weight and felt like you were doing everything right but the scale just wasn’t showing you the results of your labor?

Protein digestion is vital to keep your muscles tone and lean, this is why a plant based diet is so foundational to your success for the long run. You need a healthy digestive system from top to bottom and this is where dietary fiber comes in to play.

protein digestion is assisted with proper dietary fiber recommendations

Well, the first thing you need to stop doing is allowing the scale to dictate your success. Start looking at your measurements. It’s time to make a shift in how we’re measuring our success.

The next thing we need to do is look at what you’re eating and see if your body is truly taking advantage of what you’re putting into it.

Simply increasing your Sticky or Soluble Fiber intake could help you lose inches?

Sticky fiber, known to many as soluble fiber, is the key that will unlock the door to success!

What many don’t realize, is that a proper intake of soluble fiber at each meal will assist your body in multiple ways to help you lose inches quickly while still eating food you love! Benefits of sticky fiber include:

·        Proper Digestion of Food and Protein Digestion

·        More Efficient Absorption of Nutrients

·        Prolonged Satiety (the feeling of being full)

·        Improved Regulation of Blood Sugar

·        Improved Immune System

·        Management and Regulation of Type 2 Diabetes

·        Management and Regulation of High Cholesterol

Sticky fiber is typically left out of the equation when people are looking to change their body composition. Many tend to look at the macro-nutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) and they pick a villain.

Plant based diet is just saying to have the base of your meal put together with whole foods. It’s decided that one should be left out instead of looking at how the three can work together to benefit your body, your brain and your goals.

Sticky fiber is the “glue” that helps the macro-nutrients work together to provide your body what it needs. As you find what foods contain soluble fiber, you will realize that naturally there will be intake of carbohydrates and fats which all will come from natural sources.

Why do you need Sticky (Soluble) Fiber to assist protein digestion?

Protein intake is vital when it comes to your health. Many people either:

·        Eat too quickly

·        Don’t eat enough protein 


·        Aren’t eating enough sticky fiber with their protein

Any of these three culprits could be responsible for your lack of success or for the amount of time you spend on the “Weight Loss Roller Coaster”.

It’s important to realize that when you are looking to lose inches, especially in your mid-section, it is vital that you add sticky fiber to your diet. Your protein consumption will be more effective to your system and you will be able to completely utilize what you’re eating.

Protein Digestion is Vital for Full Utilization of Amino Acids

Protein is only useful to your body if your body can digest it fully. When you add the proper amounts of sticky fiber to your diet, you will slow down the digestive process which will allow your body to fully digest and absorb the nutrients and amino acids that your body needs to build lean muscle mass.

This process is vital when you are working to change body composition. Lean muscle mass is vital for success in losing inches and making your system more efficient.

Protein, Sticky (Soluble) Fiber, and M3 Methods = Success

With the M3 Methods that we have put into place, we set you up for success in reaching your short-term and long-term goals. Breaking down any process or change into smaller steps is vital to ensure success whether it be your diet, exercising or any other life application.

We promote a balance of diet (lifestyle change) and exercise. One without the other leaves you only the possibility of limited success.

Our 3-Step sticky fiber protocol teaches you how to increase your soluble fiber intake at each meal. Over a three-week period, you will slowly begin to learn how to choose your foods with better clarity of what foods will benefit you most versus which foods you have to avoid.

The best part? You get to eat food you love!

Find out More about the 3-Step Sticky Fiber Diet Protocol

To find out more about this method contact one of our coaches today! You can get started today on your journey to losing inches faster than ever before!