8 Minute Fat Burn Boost Cardio Coaching Series

Video Number One – How you build up and zone in

Hi welcome back! It’s Miles Beccia here founder of Mind Muscle Memory and best selling author on Amazon for the 48 hour fat burn solution. I want to give you a quick tutorial video here. I have been getting a lot of you commenting and asking a few questions about some of the videos and you kept bringing up hows the best way to go ahead.

the body in a fat burning mode and using stored energy and stored fat while doing the treadmill or while on the bike or taking a walk or doing these other aerobic style physical activities and the main focus that we have here and the main tip and method that we use is called 8 minute fat burn booster.

So the 8 min fat burn sets your body into mode to be able to boost the amount of fat you’re utilizing for your main source of fuel. So let me go through the first tip. There is going to be three tips in this tutorial video.

The first tip is going to be that we slowly increase over the first one to five minutes our heart rate. So our body if you do not understand and maybe didn’t realize it up to this point our body burns sugar a little bit first.

Body Signals That Can Boost Fat Burning

Our body wants to get going and as we increase our stress level were increasing our stress level by doing the incline on that treadmill by getting the level on the bike up a little bit were increasing the stress on our body and on our muscles. So our body first starts using sugar and our heart rate starts to climb. See a interval workout here,

We don’t want our heart rate to climb too quickly because that’s too much stress on the body and our body will just be in fight or flight mode which can limit fat burning.

Interval fitness orkouts can be fun at the same time as tough

So we want to gradually increase our heart rate in the first one to five minutes and as we do that were focusing on getting more efficient with our body positioning and our muscles that were using.

Step One – Gradually increase intensity for 1 – 5 Minutes until you feel good about your body movements and are breathing steady and smooth.

So the first tip for getting to the 8 min fat burn in this tutorial series is to slowly increase the heart rate. Watch it as it gradually increases and get it elevated into that 60-70-75% of your maximum fat aerobic capacity.

Muscle tone burns more calories even at rest

Your heart rate and cardiovascular capacity so that you can get a sense of your start and get that body warmed up.

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So if you’ve found something useful in this video or the ones to follow please share them.  You can spread the word on how to get the 8 min fat burn booster started on these three steps and also look for the next video coming up or go to it right now as you see in this series so you can get tip number two. Again thank you so much!

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