Control your breathing to increase fat burn in your muscles

8 minute fat burn boost tip 2 Welcome back for tip number two for the 8 min fat burn booster method. I’m Miles Beccia founder of Mind Muscle Memory fitness and nutrition and Amazon best selling author of The 48 Hour Fat Burn Solution.

On this particular tip and method for the 8 min fat burn booster were getting our body to elevate and getting ourselves to where our body is in a stressed mode. We’re conditioning our body.

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We want to get our heart going and our circulation going and our breathing going but we don’t want to do it too rapidly where we are just in a stressed mode.

We want to do it gradually and get it to where we are on our second tip which is our breathing. So our breathing is at 6 seconds per breath that’s 6 seconds in and 6 seconds out. We’re are looking at using our diaphragm muscle to pull air all the way to the bottom of the lungs right where the heart is.

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The largest volume of the lungs is at the bottom. It is more narrow at the top and goes in a triangular shape downward and our heart is in the middle. So we’re trying to breathe in 3 seconds smoothly and feel the expansion and work of the diaphragm and then smoothly breathe out for 3 seconds. We can do that through nose mouth combination.

Remember in swimming workouts for cardio fitness, we are just going to be using our mouth so we’re going to pull the air in and we’re going to hold it for 3 seconds and then we get it out all at once and hold it for 3 seconds. Then we pull it back in and then we hold for 3 seconds and blow it back out and pull it back in.

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So were working on the air to fully expand and contract the diaphragm and the rib cage and pull in the diaphragm muscle. And what that does is give our air exchange. We need that air exchange to burn fat. Aerobic means that were oxidizing fat in the muscle cells that were working– shoulders, arms, legs.

Were oxidizing that and being aerobic so that we can use the fatty acids in our body and use them for energy in the muscle. We will not do that at all if we don’t have oxygen present and we will not do it very effectively if we don’t breathe properly.

Breathing does so many other things but lets focus on it for the 8 min fat burn to make sure that our breath is in a consistent pattern of ten breaths per min. Six seconds for each breath equals ten breaths per 60 seconds or ten breaths per min.

So focus on that and if you’ve learned a great tip here and if your liking this video tutorial series please share it. I’m looking for comments and any questions making sure that we go in and add tutorials which will help you advance your transformation on a more rapid steady pace and then you can maintain it for the rest of your life. So thank you again and I look forward to seeing you on the next tip.

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