How do you get more calories burned when doing exercise?

Welcome back. This is Miles Beccia here with you as the founder of Mind Muscle Memory and bringing you tip number three of the 8-minute fat burn booster. In this tutorial of tip number three, you got to realize you already brought your heart rate up in the first five minutes nice and smoothly and steadily. you have gone ahead to focus on your breathing pattern during the first five minutes you are focusing on getting your breathing pattern nice and smooth and established. It helps your posture and your body positioning.

In last the last six to eight minutes with tip number three you are looking to bring your heart rate down. So as we get more efficient with our breathing and our respiratory system and even though we brought our stress levels up and our heart rate went up to perform this physical activity but we want to become more efficient with our breathing patterns and more efficient with our muscle that we are using and see that we level out on our heart rate rising up. so our heart rate has gone up to maybe 65 percent, 70, 75 percent of maximum heart rate, or if you are on a beta blocker or some other types of heart medication where your heart rate will not rise up that is OK too.

You will be going off of your breathing pattern and you want to maintain the breathing pattern. your breathing should become easier and your heart rate in the last six to eight minutes should level off downward OK? maybe you got your heart rate to one hundred and ten hearts rate and let us say at one hundred and ten in the first five minutes. your resting heart rate is a lot lower than that so you obviously stressing your body out to get it to one hundred and ten.

Well in the last six to eight minutes you want to see that your breathing pattern and the efficiency of your muscles that your heart rate starts to gradually drop. what that is telling us and what that is telling you is that your body has become more efficient in its capabilities to provide that oxygen supply to your working muscles. you are not as stressed anymore, that is you are not as physically stressed anymore or even mentally as when we first started our exercise. when we first start and how we have to get going and we are thinking about other things. we want to breathe and bring our stress levels down mentally, we want to get our focus on how our muscles are working so that we are having efficient of our body posture and the muscle that we are working.

Improve how you handle stress on many levels

With that, you may at some point even lower your intensity especially if you see it still continuing to rise. you want to level it off where ever you want to like one hundred ten, one hundred twenty, one hundred twenty-five or you might be at one hundred thirty-eight and it is really up to your level of physical capacity right now. but where ever you get to level it off in the first five or six minutes, then when six minutes hits you are trying to maintain it then start to see it start to drift down some. drifting down, then you are in the eight-minute fat burn booster. your body is in a better maximum fat oxidation capacity. your circulatory system is working very well. the respiratory system you are getting everything smoother so your stress is lower. you’re boosting your maximum fat oxidation and now do you need to do some more? hey, we would like everybody to do some more, but always do some more of what you can do. but at least here you have gotten to know you have got an aerobic position.

What this does for you is it activates your body. it activates your body to have a better thermometabolic state. you have gotten your muscle working, your fat transitions working, and your oxygen supply working. so even if you stop here you have boosted your metabolism for your aerobic capacity right. so yeah you could do some more work, you could go up and down a few times on our sports conditioning model. where you bring it up and down a few times like you do when playing sports.

Aerobic endurance training

You could just do our steady state marathon aerobic training that endurance training where you keep it leveled off or have it come down a little bit and go a longer distance with that. but always make sure you are working to level it off and bring it down to where you are not stressed. so if you found some usefulness in this and you really like some of these tips, please again share this tutorial. we want to have this available for you and other to gain some deeper insight into what you need to do to gain that capacity and knowledge to craft your body and transform your body and transform your life. See related videos in this series here,

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