Fat Burn Zone Is Where You Craft Your Body

A main sticking point before you begin blasting your fat burn zone is typically weak muscle tone in some of your movement muscles.  Simply meaning your large muscle groups are not strong enough yet to increase your aerobic workout intensity.   The fact of the matter is that you have to get a higher level of fitness of muscle endurance and strength by using your nutrition and workout routine.

Yes, you will have to slowly increase your calories burned each time you are on a stationary bike or hiking on the treadmill by increasing the incline or level.  The strength workouts you perform have to be effective and work to improve your muscle endurance before you add more weights onto your muscles.   This will give you greater time and distance to you aerobic workouts.

Just Work On Getting Better Muscle Tone

To get yourself into maximum fat burning and aerobic fitness you will not have to perform high intensity workouts but rather keep on making slow steady improvements with your heart rate in the medium zone.

the considerable overlap of the 2 zones would indicate that training for fat oxidation and training for aerobic fitness are not mutually exclusive and may be accomplished with the same training program. Furthermore, it was determined that this training program could simultaneously meet the requirements of the American College of Sports Medicine for both aerobic fitness and weight control.

Source: Journal of Strength Conditioning

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