It’s hard to know what to aspect of fitness to focus on right now. Where should you be spending your time? Whether you are an athlete who was focused on preparing for a sport, an upcoming race, or a different event, times like these can be troubling. 

fitness goals to move you forward
fitness goals to move you forward

You had to stop training. You had to stop the progression. We all did. So, now what do you do?

You finally found a routine that worked for getting to the gym regularly. Finally, you started seeing results. Then, it all went away. Now what?

How can you make fitness progress during a time like this?

The fitness goal is to always progress forward, but how are you supposed to do that during times like this?

At M3, we call it layered knowledge. That’s the key. Layering knowledge in areas that will help you to progress when it feels like you have nowhere to go but backwards. 

Build your knowledge in the areas of:

  • Movement: Become more aware of what movement patterns your sport or fitness routines require. How can you move more effectively and efficiently? Mind Muscle Connection here…
  • Rehabilitation: Do you have old injuries that need to be cared for or addressed? Maybe you have chronic pain and soreness. Now is the time to gain more knowledge of how to improve these areas and prevent future injury. 
  • Muscle Symmetry: The key to moving better and stronger is finding muscle symmetry. Finding imbalances and addressing them now will lead to more improvements later when you return to your “normal” routine.

These four areas will help you continue to make progress no matter your goal. You don’t need a gym to gain this knowledge or put it into action. The question is, however, how do you gain knowledge in these areas?

Gain layered knowledge with M3’s online program!

Progress is the key. You can learn and implement the techniques you will learn from an M3 Team Partner right at home now and forever. 

The routine may have changed. Things may look and feel more different than ever before. But the truth is, you’re still heading towards the same destination. Contact us today to find out how you can start gaining more knowledge and making more progress today!