You may think that food and exercise are the only things that can keep you from improving your metabolism. Calories in and out, right? Well, it’s not that simple. If it were that simple, you would have more control over your weight, right?

Controlling your metabolism isn’t just about counting calories. Yes, diet is important. It has a large impact on your ability to reach your goals. But what if you have a solid diet, but still aren’t seeing the results?

Is it possible that you could be so focused on your diet alone that you’re missing the other critical piece to the puzzle? 

The Difference Between an Active vs. Dormant Metabolism

Many believe that the metabolism just slows down and becomes dormant with age. “It’s just part of the aging process,” some say. Is it though? Does it have to be this way? 

Many think that no matter what they eat, how they eat, or how much they exercise they don’t have any control over their metabolism. They believe that improving your metabolism is only something for younger people. This couldn’t be further from the truth – which is great news for you!

You have control and you can activate your metabolism no matter your age. The key is knowing how! Luckily for you, you have the opportunity to activate your metabolism no matter your age. 

The difference between an active and dormant metabolism is simply this:

  • A dormant metabolism fights against you as you work towards your goals. You burn fewer calories during your workouts and activity, with the inability
    to tap into the potential you have within your muscles.
  • An active metabolism is ready and working for you. You are continuously able to burn energy whenever you need to, utilizing fat as energy and making you more effective in all your activities. An active metabolism is a key to success.

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M3 can help you improve your metabolism!

A New Opportunity for Improving Your Metabolism with Lasting Results

If you already have a solid diet, you’re on your way to success. There’s only one piece missing, and here’s your opportunity to get better results than ever before. Activating your muscle and tapping into your potential to develop strength and lean muscle mass. 

Tapping into your muscles and building strength can help improve your metabolism, but the key to truly changing and improving your metabolism with lasting results is:

To increase the number of muscle fibers being recruited through building and strengthening the connection between your mind and muscles.

This improved connection between your mind and your muscles will provide multiple results which include activating and strengthening your metabolism. With more muscle fiber recruitment, you are able to build more lean muscle which provides you the opportunity to activate, grow and maintain an efficient metabolism like never before. 

So, how can you improve the connection between your mind and your muscles to start increasing your muscle fiber recruitment? 

Start with these three steps today:

1) Increase the time your muscles are under tension by slowing your speed of repetitions or increasing the overall number of repetitions you perform in your workouts.

2) Engage your mind and focus on good repetitions. Focus on which repetitions feel best

and why and repeat that movement regularly.

3) Implement the M3 Muscle Finder Method for ensuring proper muscle remodeling. Learn more here,

The Time is Now to Improve Your Metabolism!

There is no time like the present to start working towards improving your metabolism. Focusing on your workouts to recruit more muscle fibers will allow you the ability to tap into the potential you have to reach your goals and maintain success for years to come.

You can start improving your strength and metabolism today by downloading our FREE Kettlebell Checklist. This 19-page PDF will give you the tactics you need to start implementing a routine that will help you improve your metabolism and longevity. Download it NOW!

Contact us today if you would like more information about how you can use your muscle to improve your metabolism. The time is now. Stay strong!