Knowing what it is that you want is one thing. Obtaining it is another.

I’m sure you’ve set goals, but how many have you reached and how many have you lost interest in after a few weeks? 

At M3, we focus on setting goals that are life changing. We help those we work with  break them down into smaller victories that will lead them to accomplish their goals, and reach their fullest potential. 

Have you ever sat and really given your goals shape? Have you thought of the victories ahead and given them life? 

We will equip you to reach your greatest potential by teaching you how to visualize your goals and each victory that lies ahead.

At M3, we want to help everyone we work with reach their greatest genetic potential. One way we do that is through teaching each of our members and clients how to visualize and feel the results they seek.

Once you are able to see yourself accomplishing each step and experiencing the victory that goes along with it, you will be more likely to believe it’s possible and work to obtain it. 

Our M3 Pro Team Coaches want to come alongside you to help you visualize your next great success!

Though there are always setbacks, roadblocks, and difficulties that can get you stuck for too long or turn you down the wrong direction as you work to reach your goals. We want to help you focus on the small victories that will get you where you want to go.

How to visualize your Victory

Going through exercise we have for you below will help you to visualize your success will help you acknowledge the progress made which will propel you through those difficult and trying times.

Take out a blank piece of paper and write out this simple exercise to help you visualize your goal and and the victories that lie ahead.

The time to start is now!

8 Steps to Improve Your Mind Skills of Visualization

  1. What is your goal? (Example: To lose weight)
  2. Make your goal as specific as possible. (Example: to lose 40 pounds in the next 9 months.)
  3. Break your specific goal down into 3-5 smaller victories. (Example: 1) Start eating more fiber. 2) Start going to the gym 4 days per week 3) to lose the first 20 pounds by New Years Day.) 
  4. Why is this goal important to you? (Example: This goal is important because I want to be healthy for my family and play with my grandchildren who are young. It’s difficult to take them to the park and run and play. I want to experience life with them.)
  5. Who else is affected by whether or not you achieve this goal? Here is an example. My family, other than just the grand-kids will be affected as I will be healthier and live longer. I will also be able to sustain my work longer and not be so tired.)
  6. What will it feel like or what will you begin to experience. As you reach your victories along the way and finally obtain your primary goal? (Example: I will feel energized. How will I be more comfortable to take my grand-kids to the park or to do other activities. I know I can’t do now because I just get too tired. I will feel healthier and stronger.)
  7. How will the above make you feel? (Example: As I feel and experience the above, I will feel more confident.)
  8. Who else is affected by the way you will feel when you reach your goal? (Example: As I begin to feel more energized and more confident, my relationship with others will improve. My relationship with my husband will improve. I can also see myself being friendlier to co-workers and customers.)
*Follow the provided examples to create your own answers and visualization. 

What’s next? Now that you have visualized your goals and know where you’re headed, it’s time to get started. CLICK HERE to receive your FREE gift that will help you get started on your journey! Don’t wait, start achieving your next victory today!