You’re going to the gym regularly, eating well and doing all the “right things”. Well, at least you think you are. You aren’t really seeing results and still feel confused when you show up to the gym day in and day out to get through your strength training routine. 

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You’ve been doing this for months now. You’re frustrated, confused and losing motivation. You don’t leave the gym feeling stronger, excited and like you’re on an endorphin high like you should. You leave wondering if what you did was enough, or if you did the “right” things this time. 

 Your strength training routine is failing you and it’s time to change it!

When you leave the gym you should be feeling energized. When you workout the right way, especially when strength training, you should experience a natural high that is due to the release of endorphins and other hormones in the brain. This feeling is a precursor to success, getting results and can be the motivation to keep going. 

Here are three reasons your strength training routine could be failing you. If you aren’t ensuring that each of these are present during your workout, you won’t be able to get the results you desire, and you won’t get the release of endorphins that leave you feeling good post-workout.

3 Reasons Your Strength Training Routine is Failing You:

1. You don’t have enough intensity.

Intensity includes, but isn’t limited to, the amount of weight used, the number of repetitions performed, and the amount of time taken between sets. Too much, or not enough, of any of these factors can affect your body’s ability to get the results you’re striving for.

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2. You aren’t getting a burn in the belly of the muscle.

If you aren’t feeling a burn in the belly, or primary thickness, of the muscle, you aren’t really affecting the muscle in a way that will promote lean muscle growth. 

3. You don’t have enough time under tension.

Time under tension refers to the amount of time you work your muscles each repetition and each set. If you are working too quickly you won’t recruit, or use, as many muscle fibers as if you slow down to a pace in which you work the muscle for up to 6 seconds for each repetition. 

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When you include these three things in your workouts you will begin to see more results and will begin to get addicted to the feeling of success, having more control and the high you will get from the release of endorphins. 

At M3 we are here to help guide you on your journey to success. You can start implementing these changes to your strength training routine today to begin taking control and getting more out of your strength training routine. To get more information or more support, contact an M3 ProTeam member today..