Like many, I used to think that the amount of volume I used in my workouts only impacted weight lifting. Typically, when you hear about fitness volume in relation to your workout you hear: Weight. Reps. Sets. That’s it.

Sports and fitness workout training volume can move you closer to your goal or set you back

What about sports performance though? What about the training volume in a football practice or the distance you run when preparing for a marathon?

sports performance training
No matter what sport or activity you participate in, your training volume will have a direct impact on your ability to improve your performance._

How does volume impact our training and your performance? 

No matter what sport or activity you participate in, your training volume will have a direct impact on your ability to improve your performance. 

Every athlete, at every level, needs to have variability in their sports performance training and volume that is consistent with the season they’re in. Whether it be the preseason, playing season, post-season or off-season, you need to ensure your training volume in encouraging growth, adaptation, stability and / or repair. 

The amount of training you do during your playing season cannot be the same as your off-season. In the off-season you are pushing for more growth, more stability and to go hard.

In the playing season, training is for stabilizing and for maintaining what you gained in the off-season. Your training should also consist of practice and sessions that allow you to heal and repair from games, long runs, or competitions. 

Training volume can have a negative impact on performance, be sure to adjust accordingly.

If you attempt to train as hard during your playing season as you do in the off-season you are setting yourself up for failure. There won’t be enough time for recovery or for the energy stores within the muscle to fill back up. For peak performance you have to allow your batteries to recharge, so you have to adjust your training volume accordingly. 

For Example: 

Your training during the off-season can consist of more weight and an overall higher volume to help build muscle and strength. However, during the season or before a race you want to taper your training volume to take into account the fact that you need more energy for games, races or competitions. 

Training will also differ from sport to sport, but in any scenario too much will lead to injury and burnout and not enough will lead to under-performing

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