Fitness challenges are great. We discussed the benefits of them in our post, “Why Challenges Work”. But, there’s no perfect mold, and anyone who says there is, is lying. 

Fitness challenges don’t work if you are someone who: 

  • Doesn’t take personal responsibility.
  • Don’t want to do the work before, during and after to find success.
  • Gives up easily.

You may be thinking, “No one is going to succeed if they fall into any of these categories,” and you’re right. But, are you being honest with yourself as to whether or not you fall into one of these categories?

Fitness challenge to get jump started at home

Are you going to do the work, or are you more likely to make excuses about why it didn’t work for you?  The right thing to do is try out a fitness challenge to know what changes you can accomplish.

On the other hand, a fitness challenge will work for you if you are someone who:

  • Is committed to doing hard things.
  • Are ready to make sustainable changes.
  • Are prepared to be uncomfortable.
  • Is willing to ask questions
  • Is willing to show-up every day

To find success in any fitness challenge you must understand WHY you’re doing it. 

Do you really know why you want to participate in a challenge? Or, is it something you jumped on board with because your friends are doing it? For many, either case scenario is fine. Many trainers will tell you that it doesn’t matter why you chose to do it, it’s the fact that you are that counts. 

Is this really true, though?

If you don’t know why you’re signing up, then don’t. This is hard. 

It takes commitment and when you’re working to get through the hard days and the soreness, you have to know why you started in the first place to keep yourself motivated. Knowing your why will help you keep going, and will help you find great success.

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