When working out at home with exercise band follow these moves

At M3, we present the following resistance band exercises to do when working out at home or traveling. Please see how this warm up is done to improve blood flow and get your mind muscle connection set up.

Warm up to improve how effective your training will be. Take your time to get ready for a great fitness workout.


After your fitness warm up, you are ready to put more demand on you muscles and cardio system.

Work on your core equalizer and muscle control with this abs exercise

Please listen to your body as you begin any muscle movement to make sure the stretch and flex of the M3 Muscle Finder Method is on target.

Single arm back row exercise to burn stored energy in upper back

TIP: Make sure during this and all exercises that your neck is loose and you breath properly throughout the entire workout.

Single leg squat or lunge exercise using the exercise band

Here is the lunge workout done with one leg at a time. As you can watch it is best to keep front knee over the middle of front foot to workout the leg muscles.