Muscle atrophy is the wasting away, or loss, of muscle tissue and is counterproductive to your longevity. It is caused by inactivity from injury or disease. You may think that, at your age, there’s no way you could have atrophied muscle, but if you aren’t moving regularly and engaging your muscles – you do. 

How Muscle Atrophy is Linked to the Deterioration of Your Health
Muscle atrophy is linked to the deterioration of your health.

Are you at risk for muscle atrophy

Yes. We all are. You may be at a higher risk if you have had limited amounts of physical activity due to other health conditions, injury or lifestyle. Your lifestyle plays a bigger part in your body’s health than you may realize, or even want to admit. 

         What Causes Your Muscles to Atrophy?

  • Lack of movement and exercise or inactivity
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Genetics
  • Aging

Many people think muscle atrophy is something that only happens as you grow older. The truth, however, is that everyone can fall victim to this silent killer. I know that when I was younger, I never thought I would fall victim to muscle atrophy. Then, I was involved in an accident that left me with two broken legs. It took years to rebuild the strength and muscle control I once had.

Anyone can experience muscle atrophy, and when it isn’t addressed it can lead to major health complications and even disease.  

What can result if you don’t stop your muscles from atrophying?

  • Heart Disease
  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Osteoporosis


  • Type 2 Diabetes 

To add lean muscle and treat, or prevent, muscle atrophy you should:

Move more! Start moving and using your muscles, this is the first step! Then, focus on the building:

  • Muscle Symmetry
  • Improve Muscle Strength
  • Improve Muscle Flexibility and Mobility

When you focus on these areas you will begin building more lean muscle. This is the best way to fight against the adverse effects of muscle atrophy. Movement is medicine and moving more is going to help you live a longer, healthier life!

Regular physical activity has different beneficial effects on human health, especially the heart. Energetic exercise makes the heart pump better making this muscle stronger and healthier. Even activities like household chores can increase the circulation of the blood, lowering blood fats and blood pressure.

All these good effects reduce the common health problems of the heart such as stroke and heart attack.

Fitness can also result in other benefits like building muscles, enhancing flexibility, and strengthening bones. These benefits will protect you against thinning of the bones known as “osteoporosis.” The consistent activity also promotes the health of the mind because of relieving anxiety and pressures. It results to sound sleep and renewed body energy. If the benefits of exercise can be contained in a small container, this would be the most saleable medicine everywhere.

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