What is Plant-based Nutrition?

A complete meal of farm-grown plant foods ingredients or a plant-based meal is how to properly fuel the body for the activities you desire to participate in. Whether it be to improve performance in recreational or professional sports, general health, and wellness, or to reach specific goals such as weight loss a meal plan of these whole foods will have the right amount of dietary fiber you need for success.

When working within the protocol of a plant-based diet, you can expect to be educated in everything you need to know to succeed and reach your goals. From learning to balance your calorie intake with your caloric output from physical activity to learning to make the best food choices that fit your needs as well as your desires, a plant-based diet plan will be able to help.

The number one goal is to educate you and help you make life changes, not prescribe a “Fad Diet” that will only get you temporary results.

How a Plant-based Diet will help improve your longevity.

There are multiple benefits to utilizing a whole foods farm-grown plan to reach your goals. This is especially true when that goal is improving your longevity. However, no matter your goal, you can benefit from their expertise. The benefits include can be some of the following:

1. Education on how what you eat can affect your ability to perform, lose weight, sleep well, live a healthy lifestyle, and more.

2. Clarity on what it is you specifically need to do to reach your goals and be your best.

3. Direction towards the proper foods, caloric intake, and output that you need to accomplish each short-term goal.

4. Accountability will prove to be an asset as you proceed through your program and hit roadblocks or any other curveball that life may throw your way.

At Mind Muscle Memory we believe that food is fuel and its purpose is to energize our bodies. Eating the right food can also help you live longer, thus improving longevity.

Our course called the plant-based Sticky Fiber Diet Protocol teaches our clients the proper pieces they need to implement into their daily intake, so they can achieve optimal results.

Yes Plant-based Planning Recognizes that Everyone is Different

Many of the fad diets and other programs that are in the mainstream media will want you to believe that all diets will work for everyone. This, in fact, can’t be true as we are all individuals. Though the basic framework could be the same, what works for one person may not work the same way or heed the same results as it did for another.

This is another reason why utilizing a plant-based plan can be so important for those who have specific goals in performance, weight loss, or body composition change. There are many factors that a professional will look at when they are assessing your needs, goals, and how to help you be successful.

Some of those factors include, but are not limited to, the following:

·         Male/Female

·         Daily Caloric Output

·         Your Genetic Makeup / Blue Print

·         Goals

·         Caloric Intake Needs

·         Medical History

·         Body Composition

By utilizing all the information that these variables can provide, you will be able to help optimize your results in a healthy and safe manner.

A Personalized Plan Will Help You Learn Where You Are Now

You may not utilize a specialized program for many different reasons. However, even just a few sessions with one can drastically increase your opportunity for success by helping you understand where you are currently. When we attempt to reach our goals on our own, several things can happen such as:

·         Limited Results – you may see results when you work on your own, but they will be limited due to your lack of expertise.

·         Inability to reach optimal performance – when you aren’t fueling your body the proper way, how can you ensure that you are giving it what it needs to be energized and ready for competition.

·         Riding the weight loss roller coaster – when you are constantly changing your diet, your body will yoyo and you will put on weight faster than you are able to lose it the next time. This becomes frustrating and can push you to just give up.

·         Causing more harm than good – When you restrict your calories for too long you may see weight loss or body composition change, however, when this carries on for too long it can cause many other health issues.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing between a Proven Plan or a General System

Improve your Bone Health with Mind Muscle Memory
At M3, we teach our clients food is fuel.

1. Philosophy – Is the system in question too complex or too simple. When any system falls on either side of this spectrum you will want to be careful. Many Fitness Nutrition Specialists will typically have a program for you that falls somewhere in between. Their system is typically more complex in the beginning but is rather simple once you’ve built new habits and they have been able to educate you on how it works.

2. Individualization – Are you having the ability to include your favorite flavors and foods types? Are the variables discussed earlier taken into consideration or are you given a diet simply based on whether you are male or female rather than how much physical activity you do?

3. Limitations – Are the meal plans provided too limiting? Are you being told to cut out a specific macro-nutrient altogether? Is the methodology placing one macro-nutrient (Protein, Carbohydrate, or Fat) in the role of either the villain or the hero?

Diets and meal plans that try to work based on this methodology typically don’t work for the long term and can end up limiting overall results.

4. Periodization – Are you being told to eat the same thing each day every day? Or is there variety and can you make choices you like so you can change your lifestyle?

Having the ability to eat multiple types of foods within reason will not only provide you with more well-rounded nutrition, but you will be less likely to burn out and quit the program provided.

5. Goal Specific – Is the meal plan and diet protocol taking your goals into consideration? Are you being told to eat and have the same regimen to lose weight as someone who may be looking to improve performance? Are you being told as a woman to eat the same ratios as a man?

These are all important things to consider and keep in mind when you are researching whether a meal plan, diet, or Nutrition Specialist may be right for you.

For example, the 48 Hour Fat Burn Solution teaches you how to use food to energize fuel your system through a 48-hour cycle. The system is taught by the Mind Muscle Memory Fitness Education Specialists and teaches you the proper way to utilize the foods you love to energize your workout, so you can reach optimal results. You find out what you need for you to reach your goals in a way that is best for you and your individual needs.

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