Many don’t think about losing weight around the holidays much less how much fiber or protein they get. Typically, most of us are just trying to limit the weight we gain. The norm in our society is to accept that during the holidays, between Thanksgiving and the end of the year, we will all gain weight. It’s expected.

Did you know that the average American gains 7 – 10 pounds during the holiday season? 7-10 pounds that are just “expected”. Are you OK with that?

What if there was a way to ensure you wouldn’t gain 7-10 pounds this holiday season? What if you lost weight instead? Indeed! It is possible!

Stop giving in to the assumption that you have to gain weight during the holidays. It’s time to create a new normal. A new expectation.

fuel your body properly with dietary fiber plant based whole foods
fuel your body properly with dietary fiber plant-based whole foods

At MindMuscleMemory, we coach our clients to focus on one specific nutrient to change their dietary habits. The focus isn’t on calories. You don’t need to avoid calories, carbs, or any of the nonsense the media is telling you.

When you turn your focus onto fiber and add fiber to each meal, you change the way your body digests and utilizes all nutrients you eat. Are you ready to flip the script? Are you ready to lose weight this holiday season?

Start with focusing on fiber!

When you add fiber to your diet the results are compounding! Every meal should contain fiber, and when this happens the results will come and quickly. This holiday season, adding fiber to your diet will help you lose weight and much more!

7 Ways Fiber Will Help You Lost Weight Without Counting Calories

Though there are many different results from increasing your intake this holiday season, let’s discuss 7 of the top reasons you will be able to lose weight. Remember, benefits are only going to be achieved if your intake is consistently at the appropriate levels.

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1. Increased Energy – Adding fiber to your diet allows your body to take full advantage of the food you eat to fuel your machine. Increased energy can improve your workouts, mood, and overall quality of life.

2. Fewer Cravings – Adding fiber to your diet means fewer cravings and reduces the opportunity for you to sabotage your results. Stop overeating. Stop stressing about the dessert table at your office holiday party. Stop making excuses.

3. Controlled appetite – Fiber will help slow the digestion of food your food and will keep you fuller for longer. This will naturally help you control your appetite.

4. Improved Blood Sugar – Studies have shown that the longer it takes for the food you eat to be broken down, the more regulated and maintained your blood sugar will be. Eating fiber will naturally slow down digestion which will positively impact your blood sugar over time.

5. Better Cholesterol – With increased fiber intake comes an increase in short-chained fatty acids. [LINK to SCFA article] Among the many benefits provided by increasing the SCFA in your gut, controlled cholesterol ranks high on the list.

6. Automatic Calorie Control – You’ll find that once you have implemented the recommended daily intake into your diet, the cravings decrease and the ability to eat within moderation becomes easier. You will find that there is no need to count calories because the calories you are now eating are packed with nutrients and your body won’t need or want, anything extra.

7. Controlled Weight and weight loss! – Adding fiber to your meals allows you to take back control of your weight and your health. Stop waiting until the new year.

It’s time to stop accepting the lies and assumptions that you have to gain weight this time of year. Are you ready to lose weight this holiday season, but hate counting calories? Focus on your fiber. That’s it. It really is that simple.

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