It’s a simple equation, right? Burn more than you take in. Eat less, burn more, and you are going to be set. If your diet fits this method, you will lose weight and reach your goals. 

nutrition and diet are gateway to fitness success
nutrition and diet are gateway to fitness success

Is it that simple though? I get it, it makes sense. I used to believe it was that simple too, at least when it came to weight loss. But, what if you wanted to gain muscle and lose weight? What if you wanted to be more toned but still maintain your performance levels and your energy levels?

All of a sudden it’s become more complicated, hasn’t it?

Many believe that when they aren’t seeing the results they desire, it’s the food’s fault. They’re eating too much, or just too much of the wrong thing. They cut out carbs, fats, proteins or limit their calories all together thinking that’s the answer to their frustration. 

In some ways, they’re right. It does have to do with the food. It has to do with your nutrition, but in different ways than you may think.

Our diet is typically to blame for our limited results, and viewed as the obstacle keeping us from reaching our results. 

What if I told you that your diet is actually the bridge between where you stand now and not only the results you desire, but those that will last a lifetime?

At MindMuscleMemory, we believe that a balanced diet that is non-restrictive will allow you to gain the best results. Along with the results you desire, a balanced diet will also help you as you work towards becoming a Muscle Equalizer,someone who is able to find and utilize their muscles in a balanced and controlled manner at will. 

As a Muscle Equalizer you will find your best results. Results that will last a lifetime! In order to get there, though, you must implement a diet and nutritional program that will allow you to have access to the energy you need to perform before, during and after your workout. To do this, you cannot have a restrictive diet. 

Did you know that your diet is the gateway to success, more results, and becoming a Muscle Equalizer?

Here are 8 ways restricting your diet is restricting your results:

1. Restricting your diet limits the amount of energy you have available for your workouts and other daily functions.

2. Restricting calories or any of the necessary macro-nutrients decreases the amount of sugar storage you have available for your muscles to use during activity.

3. Restrictive diets don’t allow for the proper nutrients to be available for tissue and muscle repair. 

4. Restricting yourself from carbohydrates can lead to increased fatigue as your brain only receives proper nutrition from carbohydrates. 

5. When you restrict your diet, your risk of injury can be increased as well. 

6. Restrictive diets don’t allow for proper recovery as your body has to work hard to break down other nutrients and tissue to get what it needs for survival. 

7. Restricting your diet and any macro-nutrient intake leads to fewer results. 

8. Restrictive diets will eventually result in decreased performance as your body will become overly fatigued, break down, and be unable to perform in the ways you desire. 

Many believe the lies. They believe they can’t eat the things they love, that they need to starve and that they have to restrict their diet to get results. The truth is, to get lasting results you need to do the opposite. If you need help understanding the best way to design a diet that is non-restrictive and will help you reach your best results, contact one of our M3 Pro Coaches today!