It’s no secret that what you eat can affect how you feel physically, but can it impact your mental health as well?

Plant based foods support your gut that helps with mental health

nutrition and diet for better mental health
nutrition and diet for better mental health

You may notice that when you haven’t been eating well that you feel sluggish and don’t have the same energy as when you’re eating well. You may also notice that you physically don’t feel as well either.

How does your diet impact your mental health?

What you eat can affect your mental health in multiple ways. Your diet and the food you eat can directly impact the way you feel physically and mentally. Eating a well-rounded diet that includes the necessary macro and micro-nutrients is essential for maintaining a healthy mind.

When you aren’t eating a healthy, well-rounded diet you may notice yourself feeling:

·         Sluggish

·         Short Tempered

·         More Stressed

·         Anxious

You may not realize it, but what you put into your body isn’t just important for your physical health. So often we focus on the physical aspect of our goals, health and how we feel; but what about your mental health? It’s time to pay attention to what you eat and how it affects your mind as well as your body.

Your Gut Health and the Effects it has on Your Mental Health

There are studies that have shown a link between changes in your gut microbiota and your brain. These changes have been shown to cause inflammation within your gut that can be linked to mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Having a healthy gut can lead to having a healthier mind.

How can you improve your gut, and brain, health?

The simplest thing you can start doing today to improve your guy health is to start increasing your fiber intake. Fiber has health benefits far beyond improving digestion. Improving your fiber intake will:

·         Begin to heal your gut

·         Will help you improve digestion


·         Will help you maintain a healthy gut in the long term

Mind Muscle Memory is Here to Help!

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