There are so many opinions about what you should and shouldn’t be doing in the gym. At M3, we focus on results. We focus on improving your nutrition, movement and helping you reach your greatest potential. 

We have over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, helping hundreds of clients reach their goals, and we want to help you! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things you should and shouldn’t do while you’re in the gym. 

The Top 10 Gym Do’s and Don’ts for Improving Fitness Movement and Results

1. Do – Stretch before and after each workout. Don’t – Stretch only when  you “feel tight”. 

Stretching regularly, before and after your workout, will allow you to start each workout knowing what range of motion you have to work with. Also, you will cool down properly with a good stretch which will improve your recovery. 

2. Do – Use cable weights to build foundational strength and movement patterns. Don’t – Jump straight into functional or power focused movement patterns and exercises. 

Without a good foundation of strength and movement you will not be able to complete functional movements or power exercises well. You are also more likely to become injured.

how to improve your workout
M3 Top 10 Gym Dos and Don’ts

3. Do – Use the range of motion you have available that day for your workout. Don’t- Push beyond your available range of motion and limitations. 

When you stretch before your workout, you will have a good idea of what limitations you may or may not have for that day. Staying within these limitations as you workout will help you gain strength and reduce the chance of injury. 

4. Do – Mix it up. Don’t – Do the exact same thing every workout. 

Every 2 weeks or so, change your exercises and routine enough to continue to build strength. Keeping things the exact same will only allow your body to become stagnant once you are capable of performing the routine you’ve set in place. 

5. Do – Leg Day! Don’t – Skip leg day! 

Skipping major muscle groups will create more muscle imbalances, restrict your movement and limit your overall results.

6. Do – Initiate your movement through the prime mover (the focus muscle group). Don’t – Lift and move through your stabilization movements and joints. 

The way you initiate your movement patterns and move weight will drastically impact the strength you are able to build. When you move primarily through your stabilization muscles and your joints, you are more likely to experience joint pain, tissue damage and further injury. 

7. Do – Use the 60 / 40 rule. Don’t – Rely on your joint strength alone to move weight or complete exercises. 

The 60/40 rule focuses on 60% of your movement coming from the prime/focus muscle groups and 40% of your movement coming from the stabilization muscle groups.

8. Do – Allow for proper recovery. Don’t – Try to workout 7 days per week.

When you workout 7 days a week and don’t allow your body to fully recover, you increase your chances of developing overuse injuries, burning out, and exhaustion. 

9. Do – Something fun! Use your muscles in a way that is fun, functional and incorporates your total body! Don’t – Stay in the gym alone and become stagnant and bored. 

Make your fitness fun. Find something you enjoy doing that will engage your whole body. This can include playing a sport, hiking, swimming, and much more. 

10. Do – Cardio and Lift Weights. Don’t – Only do one or the other. 

There are many people who only do cardio or only lift weights. For the best results, do both! You need to engage your aerobic and anaerobic systems regularly to reach your fullest potential. 

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