It is hard to argue that success comes without better discipline. No matter your goals, whether it be in fitness, your career, or your personal life, without discipline success will be limited including your fitness results

When it comes to your house, real success can only come when you combine the right habits with discipline.

Your habits, goals, and routines don’t matter if you don’t have any discipline.

Though this might sound harsh, take a moment to take inventory of the times you have set goals and have succeeded. Then, consider the times you have set goals and have not succeeded.

No matter the goal, your success, or the lack thereof, was typically attributed to one common thread. When you succeeded you were more disciplined and more committed to taking the steps necessary to be successful. When you weren’t successful what lacked was true discipline.

Three ways better discipline will ignite your results 

1. Discipline teaches work ethic and denies your desire for instant gratification.

When you are focused and disciplined you are less likely to give in to your desire for the short-sighted result. You fight for the thing you want more than anything, so you work harder to get there while denying other desires along the way.

This can be seen in many different ways. If your desire is to go to your high school reunion 30 pounds lighter than the previous one, then you will be disciplined about how you are eating and getting to the gym. You will deny your desire to have something sweet because even though that sweet treat would satisfy a short-term desire, it would sabotage your greater goal. Thus, you stay disciplined.

Or, if you’re a young athlete who is focused on making a college team you will deny yourself the short-term satisfaction of hanging out late with your friends and staying disciplined to your training regimen. 

Ignite your fitness results with better discipline and M3.

2. Discipline teaches you how to get through the “middle” – also known as in the “valley of despair.”

When you are working on any goal, the middle is hard. Many enjoy starting goals because they can be fun! They have excitement about them, and a rush of adrenaline attached to it. Completing your goal does as well. But the middle is hard. The middle is where the work gets done.

When you are disciplined, you teach yourself how to get through hard things. You become determined to succeed no matter how difficult the middle gets.

3. Discipline also builds grit.

When you are building better discipline and working towards a goal of any kind, you are consistently envisioning your final result. You are identifying with who you will be and what you will be accomplishing at that time. You continuously recall your vision which becomes a driving factor.

Also, when you are disciplined you are constantly reminding yourself of the small milestones that you have achieved which will help you reach your bigger goal. 

Building discipline will ignite your results in every area of life.

As you learn to build discipline, you will teach yourself how to keep going. This is a key factor of success no matter the goal you are working towards.

This is especially true when it comes to your health and fitness goals. And the best way to build discipline is by surrounding yourself with a team that will hold you accountable.

M3 can help guide you towards better self-discipline through accountability!

Accountability is a major influence on your success and better discipline. You aren’t alone! Our M3 Coaches are trained to help guide you along your journey.

Though we take a multifaceted approach to help you achieve your fitness goals, one main priority for every one of our clients is accountability.

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