The mental game. It’s the game within the game. It’s the game you play against yourself, not your opponent. For some, it’s the hardest part of anything they do, whether in sport, life, work or any other area.

This game can affect your performance more than your ability or skill. For some, it’s the difference between first and second place. For others, it can push them to greatness or leave them dead in their tracks. Quitting before the game or race is even over.

The mental game can be one’s greatest strength or greatest weakness.

When you can dig deep and get more out of yourself in the moments where you feel you have no more to give, you set yourself apart. 

The mental game is what gets some athletes through an injury. It helps others dig deep when they are exhausted, but still have 3 sets left of their workout. 

Winning the head game will help you get better results. 

When you build strong mental toughness, you build your confidence to push yourself when things get hard. Whether it be at the end of a race, a workout or coming back from a season ending injury, winning the game in your head will ensure better, lasting results. 

Lauren Johnson, the Mental Conditioning Coordinator for the New York Yankees said it best recently on social media. In one of her recent posts she talks about your attention and where you place it. She said:

mental game for mental fitness and health

Where are you placing your attention? The answer is the key to your ability to win the mental game in any aspect of training or life.

At M3, we help our clients build stronger mental toughness and win the mental game daily. Whether it’s through training their body or mind, we know that you have to have both to get the results you want. 

Are you ready to win the mental game? Start today by joining our monthly challenge. Challenge your body. Challenge your mind.