The definition of mental toughness has changed since we were kids. Years ago we were taught that being mentally tough was about not crying, grinding through pain, and not being “soft”.

This is no longer true. 

It’s about digging deep, but acknowledging weakness to build greater strength with mental toughness.

Having mental toughness is no longer about pretending to be strong by putting on a show. No longer are you expected to stuff your feelings and pretend to be strong. Instead, admitting your weaknesses and strengthening those weaknesses is a true sign of being mentally tough. 

mental toughness
mental toughness

Building mental toughness is a process.

Today, mental toughness is defined much differently. 

Dr. Spencer Wood, Ph.D., CMPC, is the Mental Skills Coach for the Detroit Tigers. Recently, on LinkedIn, he stated that “Legacies are built on strong self-belief and elite confidence …”

Having mental toughness is about just that, believing in yourself and that you can do absolutely anything you set out to do. Training that thought process on a daily basis is what makes an elite athlete – no matter the sport. 

Use your workouts to build your mental strength.

Every day you workout you should be working to get stronger physically and mentally. Pushing yourself hard enough to build muscle while also building the confidence within yourself and your ability to do hard things.

You have to dig deep in your workouts. If you aren’t, they aren’t tough enough. Furthermore, you should be using your workouts to show yourself you can push and dig and grind. Thus, training your brain to have confidence in your ability to do more. 

At M3, we encourage our clients to build their mental toughness in the gym. We help our clients build workouts that are meant to build their strength, focus, and mental toughness.

Are you ready to push yourself and build more strength and more mental toughness? Contact us now to set up a free consultation to learn how we can help guide you today!