How well is your metabolism working for you?

Your metabolism and how efficient it runs and burns energy is important, no, is vital to your success. Many think that they only need to focus on metabolism when they are working to lose weight. They miss the importance of the role it plays in all areas of health and fitness.

Do you want to perform at a high level in a sport you like to play like tennis, golf, racquetball, or swimming?

Do you want to lose 10, 20, or even 100 pounds?

What about being able to have more endurance or energy so you aren’t feeling tired all the time?

Metabolism and the Mind Muscle Connection

Your metabolism and how well it works for you is the foundation of change and gaining results in all of these areas and so many more. It plays a vital role in helping you reach your greatest potential, and could be the missing link to enjoying greater success in the areas you want to improve.

Your metabolism is affected by more than just the calories, or energy, you put into your body. It also is affected greatly by how well, and how effectively, you recruit and utilize your muscles on a daily basis. More importantly, however, is ensuring that you are focusing throughout the activation of each muscle. This focus will allow you to recruit more muscle fibers through each movement which will allow you to more efficiently build lean muscle.

Why is growth of lean muscle important?

Lean muscle growth is important because lean muscle tissue is where your metabolism lives.

The more lean muscle you have, the faster and more efficient your metabolism will become.

Building a strong connection between your mind, and your muscle and improving movement will help you recruit more muscle fibers and will lead to more lean muscle growth. This is one of the best ways to change and improve your metabolism. To keep this idea simple, we’ve broken this down into three simple phrases for you to remember:

  1. Focus on your Movement
  2. Increase Muscle Fiber Recruitment
  3. Increased Lean Muscle Means More Energy Burned

Improved Movement, Improved Metabolism

Now that you understand the importance of lean muscle and how it will impact your metabolism, let’s talk about the way you move. Did you know that the way you move can greatly impact your metabolism?

The mind, muscle connection is about much more than just muscle recruitment. It’s about recruiting the right muscles, at the right time to move the right way.

To improve movement, you have to become consciously aware of how you move from the start. The focused movement will allow you to begin to recognize when you are moving better and recruit the right muscles at the right time.

As you conduct these movements, or exercises, over time you will begin to move more efficiently. This will help you activate your metabolism more efficiently.

To Improve movement you need two things:

  1. More Muscle Fiber Recruitment


2) More Time Under Tension

active metabolism from muscle movement

We’ve discussed muscle fiber recruitment, but time under tension – what is that? Simply put, this is the time in which you are putting a specific muscle or muscle group under tension throughout a movement. This can be done by increasing the time in which you perform a specific movement or the number of repetitions you perform.

Slow, controlled movements will always be your best way to ensure you are allowing yourself to build that mind/muscle connection effectively.

Mind muscle awareness takes focus which improves self control

What Should You Do Now?

You know you need to start recruiting more muscle fibers to burn more energy. You know that if you begin to move better, you can improve your metabolism. Do you know where you should start? Do you have questions about how you can start doing this today? Contact one of our M3 Team Coaches today to ask any questions you may have and they can let you know how you can get started in a safe, effective way that fits what YOU need.

We are here for you and want to help you move better and stay strong for many years to come.