You already know caloric burn is important when trying to lose or regulate weight. You know that burning calories while working out is imperative when wanting to improve health. Many think they need to just burn more calories than they take in, but there’s so much more to it!

Did you know that lean muscle mass plays a vital role in your ability to burn more calories and regulate your weight?

Having more lean muscle mass will increase your caloric burn naturally!

How is that possible? 

lean muscle gets you to move better and improve metabolism

To put it simply, your metabolism lives in your muscle. The cells that house the metabolism and enable your body to burn more energy are located within the muscle fibers. The more muscle you have, the more cells that burn energy. Thus, the more muscle you have the faster your metabolism can become.

When your muscle atrophies, so does your ability to burn calories.

You can do cardio, eat healthy and be “healthy” in the way you look. Many say they have regulated their weight with these things alone. However, if you aren’t building and maintaining your lean muscle mass you will inevitably inhibit your ability to burn more calories. 

To build more lean muscle you must put together a program that engages your muscles regularly. You can engage your muscles in multiple ways to build lean muscle. A combination of strength workouts, cardio workouts, playing sports, or HIIT training workouts can help you build the lean muscle you need to start burning more calories.

  • Strength and Resistance Work
  • Interval aerobic training
  • Functional workouts and sports activities
  • Stretching and Yoga training

Lift weights to stimulate atrophied muscles and gain renewed lean muscle mass. That increase of muscle tone is essential to higher calorie output for your workouts and everyday physical activities.

Fitness Goals Match Health Goals Of Lean Muscle That Metabolizes Fat Daily

Adding lean muscle mass will also increase your calorie burn on your non-workout days. Increasing your resting metabolism will ensure you’re burning more and reaching your goals. The more efficient your metabolism becomes during your workouts, the more efficient it will be the rest of the time as well.

It’s time to start building more muscle mass! Are you ready? Contact one of our M3 Pro Coaches today! Our coaches are ready to teach you the best way to build lean muscle and improve your calorie burn.