Start with a small range of motion when you are warming up the kettlebell abdominal twist workout. You can practice your position with a kettlebell to apply the weight onto your strong core muscles.

Muscle strength of abdominal core using kettlebell

You are simply needing to work under your rib cage to maintain the hold on your abs while keeping still in your hips position.

Abs Twist To Equalize Each Side and Improve Fitness Results

Begin by holding a kettlebell with a good grip in your hands and then slowly move to the right and then left. You will need to keep close attention to pulling the abdominal wall in and holding it flat as you turn. Work a small range of motion first to make sure your fitness level can handle the flexibility.

Use a smaller size weight to focus on time with tension on abs

Having a flex and stretch in control with weight training is not always easy on the muscles or the mind. That is why the Muscle Finder Method by Mind Muscle Memory is so important to gain a stronger mind-muscle connection.

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