How to Ignite Your Fast Metabolism

Is your metabolism fast or slow? Are you taking advantage of the amazing power you have to ignite your metabolism and make it work for you?

Are your results proof of this or are you still treading water and fighting for even the smallest sign that this “fitness lifestyle” is actually working?

It’s time to ignite your metabolism and take control of your body and results!

You may not realize the amount of control you have over your metabolism. The truth for most is that they allow their metabolism to control them. However, for best results, and to live your best life, you should be the one in control. It’s time to take back control!

How can you tell if you have a fast or slow metabolism?

Ignite Your Metabolism with M3!

Igniting your metabolism will provide improved, longer lasting results. With M3, you will be guided each step of the way as you move through your journey. Our M3 coaches will guide you through the following steps necessary to take control over your metabolism. 

Fuel Your System

Ensuring you are fueling your system with enough calories is vital to igniting your metabolism. Under-eating forces your system into thinking you are starving which will limit your calorie burn. 

Increase Your Fiber Intake

Most individuals don’t eat enough fiber. At M3 we focus on your “Sticky”, most commonly known as soluble, fiber intake which can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients as well as keep you fuller for longer.

Power From Protein

At M3 we look at your muscles as a battery that helps your engine, or body, run. Protein requirements are essential to maintain and replenish muscle fibers. Your metabolism can directly relate to how well you are tone and active with your muscles.

Pump Your Heart

That’s right, you need to do more cardio. Getting the heart pumping allows your aerobic system to work and will increase efficiency overtime.

Strengthen and Build More Lean Muscle

Your metabolism essentially “lives” in your lean muscle mass. The more energy that can be stored and burned ignites your metabolism for lasting results.

Rest and Recover Properly

Rest and recovery are essential to ensuring you have the energy for future workouts. Proper rest also will prevent burnout, injury, and many other adverse results of over-training.

You can start taking the necessary steps to igniting your metabolism today! Join the M3 movement and learn how you can take control and ignite your metabolism for better, longer lasting results!