In our previous article, “Lean Muscle or Fat: Which Number Means More to Your Health”, we discussed why lean muscle mass is more crucial to focus on for your health. Let us discuss multiple areas of your health that will be improved when you focus on building lean muscle. Compare not only on how much you weigh or the amount of fat you carry.

Studies have shown that an increased presence of lean muscle mass can improve your immune system function and response.

You may not realize that your active white blood cells are stored in your lean muscle. Thus, the more muscle you have, the more white blood cells your body is capable of producing to fight disease. This fact alone of maintaining lean muscle mass will have a great impact on your immune system.

7 Ways Lean Muscle Mass Can Affect Your Immune System:

1. Chronic Disease Response:

An increased presence of lean muscle has proven to decrease the occurance of chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer and more.

2. Improved Wound Healing:

With the ability to produce and store more white blood cells, your body is ready to fight and heal when you get injured.

3. Improved Immune Function:

The overall immune function is improved with greater lean muscle mass. Overtime you will notice you experience fewer sick days and illnesses that don’t last for as long as they once had. LEARN MORE

4. Improved Recovery Process:  

An improved immune system means fewer sick days and fewer secondary infections. When you are able to recover quicker, you don’t become as sick or stay sick for as long.

5. Increased Energy Levels when Sick or Not Feeling Well:

No one can completely avoid becoming sick. However, when your immune system is functioning well you still have more energy and are able to function better overall when you do become ill. 

6. Faster Return to Work, School and Other Activities:

Whether you’re recovering from surgery, an injury, a cold, or even the flu, it can be a struggle, but when you have more lean muscle mass you recover faster. Faster recovery means a faster return to work, school, sports and other activities. 

7. Fewer Complications Related to Sickness:

Many who become ill or end up hospitalized due to sickness experience complications for any number of reasons. Those who have more lean muscle mass present have fewer occurrences of these complications when they are sick. 

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