Like you, I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re giving your health all you’ve got. The truth is the results aren’t coming. Something’s missing. 

Stop Floundering! Focus on the 5 Components of Health!

It’s hard. 

Living a healthy lifestyle day in and day out is difficult. 

What’s even harder is trying to do it, but inconsistently. You literally feel like you’re riding a roller coaster and you don’t know which turn is going to be the one to send you over the edge. 

You work out hard some weeks, and then not at all for others.

You stick to a strict diet for a few days and then eat nothing but fast food for the next week if not longer.

Your sleep is inconsistent.

You drink more coffee than water to get through the day. 

You’re doing your best, but nothing is working. 

Or, maybe it isn’t this drastic, but you certainly can relate to the inconsistency the business of life provides. Even as you retire, there just doesn’t seem to be time to do everything the “right way”.

It all becomes very overwhelming and de-motivating. 

The 5 Components of Health provide you the blueprint you need for success. 

The 5 Components of Health help provide a blueprint to help you reach the success you’re looking for. You don’t need to look at these as all or nothing, but as pieces of a puzzle that must be included to set you up for success.

At Mind Muscle Memory (M3), we focus on making small lifestyle changes that will help you find lasting success. To do that, we look at each of the following components and create a path to help you reach optimal success. Remember, it’s a process.

The 5 Components of Health are:


What you eat and drink will impact your results. If you’re not getting enough of one of the macronutrients, not drinking enough water, or over-eating on a “cheat day” you’re self-sabotaging your success on a daily basis. 

Cardiovascular Exercise

Working the heart regularly is vital for your success – no matter what your fitness or performance goal may be. This isn’t to say that you have to become a marathon runner, but you need to work your heart at least 3 days per week for 30 minutes. 

Strength Training

Though many women have been led to believe that they don’t need to “lift weights” if they aren’t training for a sport, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Regular strength training has been shown to improve metabolism and fight against osteoporosis.  The ‘Power of Muscle’ is essential to keep fit and have energy.

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3 step mind muscle memory system to rebuild metabolism with muscle strength
3 step Mind Muscle Memory system to rebuild metabolism with muscle strength


Stretching regularly can positively impact your ability to build muscle and move properly. Many leave out this component of health without realizing the vital impact it has on your ability to move freely. 

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Rest and Recovery

Your ability to rest and recover impacts your energy levels and your ability to have consistency in the gym. It can also impact your mental health over time. Sleep is vital, and though we live in a culture that promotes the “Sleep when I die” attitude, it’s not setting any of us up for longevity and healthy success.

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If any one of these components is missing or out of alignment, you’ll feel it. Your results will be limited and your energy will be impacted on a daily basis. 

Many gurus, trainers, and fitness professionals want you to believe that one of these areas takes priority over all the others. The reality is, however, they all matter!

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At M3, we take this to the core of who we are. 

At M3, we take the 5 Components of Health very seriously. We educate and train our clients to understand the role that each one of the 5 Components of Health plays in your health and performance capabilities. 

These 5 components are at the core of who we are and what we believe. 

You can see this in the way we outline our programs, no matter which one you enroll in. 

Our team has a process to determine where you’re at in each of the 5 Components of Health. This will allow you to know your baseline or starting point. Then, we provide a plan with a strategic approach that allows you to take back control of your health one step at a time. 

A strategic approach that allows you to take back control of your health. 

As you work through this plan, you will begin to see results as you improve your status in each component of health. 

You will learn ways to eat healthy that fit your lifestyle. Also, you will find exercises that will help improve the strength of your heart. As you work through the process, you will begin to find balance and move stronger than ever.

Resting and proper recovery will become second nature as we teach you how and when to allow your body to rest. You will also be able to take back control of your sleep schedule and your ability to rest during your sleeping hours. 

Whether you’re a pro athlete or a grandmother, the 5 Components of Health will improve your results!

Whether you’re a pro athlete or a grandmother, the 5 Components of Health will improve your results!

Some fitness professionals avoid tackling some of these topics. At M3, we meet them head-on!

We want to work through them all with you so you can be equipped to take back control of your health. The more you know, the more consistent you are, the better your results will be. 

Our team will provide you the tools you need to find success, no matter what your goals are!

M3 takes a unique, synergistic approach to guiding you towards your greatest victory. Are you ready to find the success you’ve been waiting for?

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You can join us today and get started working with an M3 Coach who will help set you up for success. They will help you find which of the 5 Components of Health you need assistance with and provide you the tools you need to be successful. 

There’s no more time to waste! Get started today and take back control of your health!