Your protein intake is vital for your success. Ensure you are utilizing this macro-nutrient to the fullest and start seeing results today. Remember, just because you eat a ton of protein doesn’t mean you get a ton of results. You must remember it’s the amount being absorbed that really matters.

There is misguided information out there regarding the necessity of protein and how much is needed for success. It’s important to remember that protein intake requirements will fluctuate based upon multiple factors. Eating too much can be cumbersome in reaching certain goals, while not having enough protein can also stunt your progress.

Protein Intake is dependent on multiple factors such as:
– Activity Type– Performance Levels
– Gender-Weight
– Goals 
Factors that impact your protein intake needs. Learn more with M3.

To simplify a bit, think of your muscles as the engines that move your body when you participate in activities. Protein is what is used to build our engine and make sure that we maintain a quality engine. Fats and sugars, glucose, are then used to run these muscle engines so that we can continue participation and activity.

Building stronger muscles allow us to:

  • Improve Our Muscle Tone
  • Increase Sugar/Glucose Storage Capabilities


  • Improve Our Ability to Use Stored Fats

Protein Intake Requirements

There is a lot of information circulated in years past that an individual needs to eat upwards of 150 – 200 grams of protein per day to see the muscle gain you would want to see for specific muscle and strength improvements. However, this misconception has led to the frustration of many and is blatantly false. Generally, if you are eating a well-rounded diet that is focused on whole, nutrient-dense foods, you should have no need to eat that much protein in a single day.

There may be circumstances in which this scenario may be true. However, it is important to remember that if you are taking in that many calories per day from protein alone, then what will be left for your carbohydrate and fat intake?

Safe Protein Requirements that won’t sabotage your goals:

Males – 110g Protein per day

Females – 82g Protein per day

It’s important to remember that recommendations are just that. Recommendations. You may require more or less protein depending on your body type, size, calorie expenditure, and the factors listed above.

You can try this Protein Intake Calculator to get an idea of how much protein you need.

Getting the Most out of Your Protein Intake with M3 Methods

The key to getting the most out of what you’re eating is digestion. If you aren’t fully digesting and breaking down the protein you eat into the amino chains your body uses, then you will need to eat more to see additional benefits.

However, when you have the opportunity to digest your food completely and take full advantage of what it has to offer, you don’t need to make up for what is lost. Proper digestion is key to health and key to getting the most out of your protein.

Start Getting the Most Out of Your Protein Intake with the M3 Methods
Get the most out of your protein intake with M3!

How can you get the most out of your protein intake?

Through proper digestion.

Eating protein and sticky fiber, or soluble fiber together will allow for a slower and more efficient digestive process. The sticky fiber will slow the process of digestion enough to ensure your protein is fully broken down and absorbed at the proper times in the digestive cycle. Here, efficient doesn’t mean to be fast, but to be a slow and more thorough process.  If protein is digested too quickly, then it isn’t present in our system long enough to allow for full absorption and breakdown of amino-acid chains. This can also lead to constipation as our system attempts to get rid of the excess.

Having the proper protein intake and coupling it with the proper sticky fiber intake will allow you to:

– Be more efficient in nutrient absorption

– Have more energy

-Perform at a higher level due to improved energy levels

-Ensure proper absorption of all amino chains

Adding soluble fiber, or sticky fiber, to your meals with protein will also allow you to stay fuller for longer and will ensure that you are properly using the energy you are giving your body. You shouldn’t need upwards of 150-200g of protein if you are coupling it with the proper amounts of soluble fiber.

Learn more. 

M3 Methods – Your way to success

The M3 Methods have been developed to allow anyone whether you enjoy fitness for your health, are a recreational athlete, or even a professional get the most out of their nutrition while still reaching their optimal performance. These methods include focusing less on one specific macro-nutrient and focusing more on all the nutrients and how they work together to help you become more efficient.

The M3 Methods will help you get the most out of your protein and set you on a path to success no matter your goals!

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